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Advanced Beginner Ride: Shevlin to MTB to Ben's to Phil's and back!

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Here's a fun ride to show folks how to connect popular trails. We'll start out on the double track above Shevlin Park, connect to a small singletrack area, then a dirt road, then to Ben's (for less than two minutes), then to a fun, twisty, slightly rocky descent down MTB. Fortunately, your fearless ride leader will be guiding the way so you won't have to worry about missing any turns. The group will wait and reconnect at ALL major and minor intersections. Additionally, if there are small sections you'd like to 'session' - we'll do that too!

After MTB, we'll connect via a sneaky side trail with a great view before reconnecting with Ben's wherein we'll cruise up, down and over to Phil's trail. This portion of Phil's has some moderately rocky sections, so participating riders should have a comfort level with maneuvering over these obstacles. As a friendly reminder, uphill riders will have the right of way, so we'll practice proper Trail Love by stopping to let them pass. At the bottom of Phil's we'll gather by the Flaming Chicken before proceeding with the ride.

As we bid the chicken farewell (or Phoenix, if you prefer), we'll swoop back around to Ben's before reconnecting with Shevlin.

This ride will be approximately 18 miles and take about 2.5-3 hours depending on the number of stops and photo opps. As such, it will be an E2.5/T2.5 rating.

BACE *Rules of the Rides*
• Helmets Required.
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• Cycling activities may be significantly impacted by changing conditions (rain, snow, mud, road construction, etc.). Participants should monitor activities for cancellations or changes in location/route.

BACE *Liability Waiver*
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