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Do you have an idea for a product, a restaurant, a documentary, a social group, a fashion line, a coffee shop, a service, a dance studio, a Kickstarter project, a play, a public garden, a non-profit organization, a concert, or something new and know that you could move more effectively if you could share and brainstorm your vision with a group of interested ears? Then you need to join Bend Business Brainstorm! Maybe you're not sure if your idea will work and need people to help you search through all the angles or maybe you know it will and want to find folks that can help you pull it off. This group will help you. We all have ideas from time to time and too often we keep them to ourselves until they become long forgotten. Sharing your dream with others is the first step in turning your vision into reality. And this is the place to do it!

Here’s how it works:

You have an idea for a short documentary film. You've never done this before and you've got a million questions. Is the subject interesting enough? Will it make money? Should I write a script or just start filming? You contact me and I help you set up a date and place for your meetup. People read your description, like your idea, and sign up. You talk a little about your film and then let the brainstorming begin. You leave with a ton of notes and some new connections. You make your film and it wins first place at the Bend Film Festival!


You want to help someone sort through their idea. You sign up, you listen to the idea and you ask a few questions of your own, adding your expertise or philosophical musings to help the idea maker move forward. You make some new friends and leave feeling great that you helped create more beauty in this world!

Variations on the meetings: If you feel your idea can support a full meeting, then this can be arranged. Sometimes we have members that would just like to talk a little about their idea but don't expect it would take enough time or have a broad enough interest to command a full time slot. I can also arrange to have 2 or 3 members take turns discussing their idea in a single meeting where appropriate. Some meetings will simply be general open discussions where anyone can talk about anything that fits our theme. And last but not least we will occasionally have a potluck or something similar so people can just meet.

About the meeting venues: Depending on your idea we can hold the meetup at the Library or one of the Tech spaces if your idea is more formal or for more casual discussions we can also have the meetings in a back room at a coffee shop or restaurant. If you want to hold a meeting, feel free to request a location you feel most comfortable with.

Shy about presenting? Trust me when I say no one is more shy than I but also trust me when I say that our past meetings have felt so comfortable and welcoming by everyone that you will feel right at home. Talk as little or as much as you want but don't be surprised if you find you can't wait to say more!

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