Outdoor Pickleball - Tuesday Evening 6:00pm Pine Nursery Park 2.5+

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>>>> Rain, wet courts, or heavy winds cancel this meetup <<<<

Outdoor pickleball Meetup. Location is at Pine Nursery Park. This is not organized play. It is 'drop-in', which means that you are on your own regarding picking teammates, an available court, and choosing your opponents. We will not have the courts exclusively to ourselves because they are a public courts, and we will have to share with the Non- Meetup players occasionally. Please arrive 10 minutes early and meet at the table east of the utility shed/building.

When pickleball play is over, we invite everyone to meet at a local establishment a refreshment. TBA after pickleball play.

Be a good sport, and help ensure that all players are welcome. We will use the harder, outdoor ball.

Prepare yourselves for fantastic fun, and lots of exercise.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< GENERAL INFO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*** MINIMUM SKILLS REQUIRED: You must have had at least one pickleball lesson (or equivalent), you understand the basics of the PB game rules and you have had some practice hitting the ball. In Pickleball jargon, it means you are self-rated to a 2.5. However, if you are an absolute PB beginner (2.0 rating), we strongly encourage you to take beginner lessons available monthly through our meetup.

*** ALL PLAYERS should bring a paddle, a ball, and wear court shoes (like tennis shoe; not hiking shoes, leather sole shoes, or sandals).

*** OUTDOOR LOCATION - Pine Nursery Park
***Meet at the furthest southeast table.

*** LIABILITY WAIVER: By signing up (RSVP) for this meeting, I agree that the organizers of this group, its members, and the court facility will not be held responsible for the actions of any participant at any event. Each Pickleball player attends an event at his own risk and is solely responsible for any damage or injury to his equipment, himself, or others.