EVENING at Bend Hoops facility - TUESDAY 515pm 2.5+ to 4.0

Hosted by Bend Pickleball Meetup

Public group


$8 per player to register which you will pay to the Bend Hoops Manager immediately on your left as you enter the door. As soon as the courts are set up and ready, you may form teams and move to the courts immediately to start practicing/playing. We will use a Paddle Lineup Rotation described below.

Paddle Lineup Rotation:
• Arrive at Hoops, help setup, and start warming up. Grab a court immediately when it is available – first come first serve. When a 4 player group is ready to get a game started, they are free to do so as this will open up the courts sooner for later arrivals.
• If and when the courts are full, or you do not have enough players to play on a court, place your paddle in the paddle lineup; left of the paddle lineup will be the first into the next game – right of lineup is the End of the paddle line; paddles will keep shifting to the left. Look for the signs on the floor.
• Late arrivals, extra players & losers will rotate into the next games in the order of paddles placed in the paddle line. If someone needs to rest longer, he can keep moving his paddle to the end of the line if he is not ready to play.
• Winners stay on the court and SPLIT THEIR TEAM for their second game. A winner is allowed to stay in for 2 consecutive winning games, and then must pull himself out and put his racket in the paddle line. If there are not any paddles in the paddle line, players can get right back into a new game.
• Losers must always leave the court and place their paddles in the paddle line on the floor by the wall.

Be a good sport, and help ensure that all players are welcome. We will use the softer, 'indoor' ball.

Prepare yourselves for fantastic fun, and lots of exercise.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< GENERAL INFO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*** MINIMUM SKILLS REQUIRED: You must have had at least one Pickleball lesson (or equivalent), you understand the basics of the PB game rules and you have had some practice hitting the ball. In Pickleball jargon, it means you are self-rated to a 2.5. However, if you are an absolute PB beginner (2.0 rating), we strongly encourage you to take beginner lessons available from our resident PB Pro through our meetup.

*** ALL PLAYERS should bring a paddle, and wear court shoes (like tennis shoes; not hiking shoes, leather sole shoes, or sandals)

*** INDOOR LOCATION - Bend Hoops [1307 NE 1st St, Bend, OR 97701].

*** LIABILITY WAIVER: By signing up (RSVP) for this meeting, I agree that the organizers of this group, its members, and the court facility will not be held responsible for the actions of any participant at any event. Each Pickleball player attends an event at his own risk and is solely responsible for any damage or injury to his equipment, himself, or others.