[Discussion] How to build a WordPress theme, the right way

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A WordPress Theme is the most visible part of the platform, for obvious reasons. It's also, therefore the first point of interaction for many end users and developers.

We've all either developed a theme, from scratch, or customized a commercial theme, or downloaded and installed it a free one.

So let's meet to discuss the state of WordPress themes today, how it has evolved and if you were to develop a theme, what would be the 'right' way to do it.

Some of the topics we could discuss during this meetup:

• The evolution of a WordPress Theme

• Side effects of commoditization

• Various options available today to build a theme

• Page builder: Boon or bane

• Security aspects of a theme

• WordPress Theme guidelines

• Design considerations

Note: We will use the leancoffee.org (http://leancoffee.org/) method to identify topics related to WordPress theme. The ones listed above are only to get the ideas going.

Who should attend?

WordPress theme developers, WordPress users, Designers and anyone who has used a theme on WordPress.