What we're about

Our purpose is to promote fellowship among members and to further activities that will benefit the Democratic Party.

Benton County Dems (BC Dems) is an informational organization and PAC that is composed of members that tend to be registered Democrats, but this organization is not part of the Democratic Party of Arkansas (DPA) or The Democratic Party of Benton County (DPBC). If you are looking for the official arm of the DPA for Benton County, you want "The Democratic Party of Benton County", which has a FaceBook presence at https://www.facebook.com/democraticpartybentoncounty (https://www.facebook.com/democraticpartybentoncounty.).

If you would like to receive our weekly/monthly emails, please fill out the form here (http://www.bcdems.org/join-our-mailing-list.html). We'll keep you apprised of BC Dems and other Democrat events.

You can find more information on our Website (http://www.bcdems.org/) or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arkansas-Benton-County-Democrats/476506682380711).

Upcoming events (1)

BC Dems October General Meeting

Online event

Our speaker will be State Representative Megan Godfrey, discussing thoughts and concerns about the pending redistricting activities. See https://bcdems.org for additional information.

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BC Dems September General Meeting

Online event

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