I see there aren't any open nights listed on the calendar in the future... are they still happening on Wednesdays at 5? Also, would I be able to purchase wood from you all, or should I bring my own? And if I need to bring my own, what should I look for? (Sorry for the million questions... thank you!)

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    • Hello Christina, we will be open Wednesday, I tend to post the meetups on Monday for the week. Unfortunately we don’t sell wood but if you tell me what you are trying to make I can make a suggestion as to where to buy it.

      6 months ago
        • I'd like to make a laser cut sign for my wedding that says "go big and go home" in script, all connected so it's one large piece. If we needed to break it up into separate words, that's ok, too. Aiming for about 24" x 36" if possible, but can go smaller if need be.

          6 months ago