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Whether you're an engineer wanting to apply your software/hardware skills to art, an artist looking to expand your vista into the hot new field of machine learning, or anybody in between, this is the meetup for you! By "artist" I include painters, photographers, filmmakers, composers, musicians, poets, writers, dancers, and anybody else who is exploring their creativity. You do not have to be a professional in a related field, nor have a degree in engineering, math or art. All ages are welcome, from young to old.

Each week we will give people the option of presenting your new, machine-learning-based or -influenced art, as well as discussing the myriad of topics on the subject at all levels of knowledge, from basic to skilled. Topics may include Neural Networks of all kinds, GANs, HMMs, Python, Tensorflow, Deep Learning, DeepMind, Magenta, word2vec, t-SNE, and robotics, along with anything else that people would like to explore.

On a more philosophical level, we will be discussing fundamental issues about what art is, and how it is likely to function, in either a supportive or adversarial role, within the context of emergent technologies, society, and commerce. We will NOT be in the business of using creative applications of technology to give mega-companies new ideas on how to micro-manipulate its customers; rather, we will be treating art as a perennially enriching, provocative counter-influence to the corporate control over our lives that threatens to loom ever more threateningly in the years ahead.

Unless otherwise stated, we will be meeting somewhere in Berkeley, next to the downtown BART station.

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