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Having a newborn baby can create tremendous joy, woe, and anxiety. Suddenly, you have this HUGE responsibility for this little person in your care, who depends on you completely. Meanwhile, our culture tends to isolate us as new moms. Add sleep deprivation and breastfeeding challenges, and you've got a recipe for baby and mama meltdowns.

We're home, caring for babies 24/7, and meanwhile often wishing we had an adult to talk to; someone who would really "get it." If you want to meet expecting mamas and new moms in a friendly, supportive environment, we welcome you to join us.

Our meetups are a way to meet other new mamas who are going through the same things. We also have long-term, supportive groups to create a lasting community that provides lots of laughs, opportunities for babysitting exchanges, playgroups, and a shoulder to lean on those days when mothering is really tough.

Our goal is to meet and form a community together that will carry you into your baby's childhood and beyond.

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