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Can hypnosis really bring you pain relief?

For most people, the answer is yes. "Hypnotherapy offers relief in 75% of cases," according to Bottom Line Inc.

How is this possible?

Brain scans show that hypnosis enhances the parts of the brain that deepen the connections between the mind and the body.

This connection is the reason hypnosis is so effective for pain management.

Mark Jensen, a University of Washington School of Medicine psychologist has performed brain scans on clients who were under hypnosis to control pain. “During hypnosis, “ he told livescience.com, “you can ask people to imagine that the sensation that usually induces extreme pain is minor that it isn’t bothersome and you immediately see a decrease in activity in the prefrontal cortex and those other parts. In other words, my patients change the meaning that their brains give to the pain.”

Or as William Ray, a Penn State psychology professor who has also done EEG brain studies, says in the Penn State News: “ . . . hypnosis removes the emotional experience of pain,” he says, ”while allowing the sensory sensation to remain. Thus, you notice you were touched but not that it hurt.”

When you understand how pain works, this makes more sense.

All pain is processed in the brain. Without a brain, you might not feel anything. Imaging studies show that the sensory cortex, where you register the initial wave of pain, has less to do with how much you hurt than the parts of your brain (like the prefrontal cortex and the thalamus) that process your emotional reaction and give the meaning to what is happening.

In other words, how you feel about your pain has a lot to do with how much pain you feel.

Join this meetup to be introduced to hypnosis techniques to lower and possibly eliminate your pain. There will be group hypnosis sessions for pain management and you will learn self-hypnosis techniques you can practice at home.

This meetup is hosted by Mahesh Grossman, founder of Berkeley Hypnosis & Pain Management, who has a great deal of success using hypnosis to help clients relieve their pain. Here are what some clients say about him:

“I’ve been to other hypnotherapists, but my three sessions with Mahesh were the most successful I’ve ever had. He helped me stop smoking, and to eliminate my sciatica pain and my neuropathy. I would recommend him to anybody and I would go back to him if I had any kind of angst, whether it was physical, mental or emotional.”
~Maria I., Oakland

"Mahesh, when you told me that my physical pains would go away, I doubted that was possible. My knee– wait, where did it hurt? And my shoulder is virtually pain free. Miracle!”
~ David W., Oakland

Join this meetup now if you would like to experience pain relief that really works. And if you'd like to see how hypnotizable you are, take our quiz at: http://berkeleyhypnosis.com/pain-management-quiz/

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