What we're about

This is a group for anyone who's written a book, who's in the middle of writing a book or who is thinking of writing a book but just needs a little help and inspiration to get started! I noticed there was a lot of interest in an Berkhamsted Authors Meetup but no actual group so I thought I'd get the ball rolling. I've written one non-fiction book myself and now struggling with a novel and would love the support and connection with other writers in the area.
I'm happy to hear from people what kind of group they want before setting out anything too prescriptive - basically this could be a group where we meet up in a cafe for a few hours each week and actually do our own writing (which is a great way of getting down to it rather than being distracted by family, chores, TV etc) or it could be a group where we come together and discuss our writing and give each other help and advice. Last year I did the Faber novel writing course where we'd meet up for two hours one night a week and spend the first hour discussing one aspect of writing - dialogue, plot, pitching to agents etc - and the next hour discussing a pre-submitted chapter which one of us had written which was quite useful (we could discuss someone's plot or characters instead if that's a particular sticking point).
It would also be good to find out if people wanted to meet up during the day (I'm a freelance writer and work from home so that would be an option) or in the evenings which would suit people who commute/work away from home. We could of course do both options! Please let me know your thoughts and we'll get something set up asap.

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