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Gong relaxation - enjoy a lovely 1 hour relaxation
Give me 60 minutes and I will take you from stressed and tired to refreshed, relaxed and calm with gong relaxation! For just £10! This workshop is very popular and always sells out so book on asap. We do about 15 minutes of gentle yoga, then you lie back for a long gong relaxation. What will it do for you? • release tension and blocks in the body •help to quieten the mind •allow you to be calmer and more peaceful •promote the health of your glandular, nervous and circulation system Please note to secure your space you must book online, saying yes on the meetup will not guarantee you a space: To book, visit this page:

BAY-yoga Studio

162 - 166 High St · HP4 3AP

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    What we're about

    Hi there, thanks so much for your interest!

    I offer:

    1) Kundalini Yoga Classes (1.5 hours)

    2) Gong relaxations (1 hour) - we do a little bit of simple stretching or basic meditation and then it's a nice, lovely relaxing gong bath to lie back and listen to. If you're looking to just lie back & chill out - this might be for you!

    3) Walking meditation sessions - an hour(ish) walking in + around Berkhamsted's parks + greenery, meditating while we walk. A great way to meditate if you're fidgety!

    4) Guided relaxation/mindfulness sessions (1 hour) - you lie back and experience a deep relaxation and guided meditation to help you to de-stress.

    What is Kundalini Yoga?

    Kundalini yoga is known as the householder’s yoga. That means it’s for everybody regardless of age or fitness/flexibility level. That means you don’t have to be able to twist yourself into a pretzel-shape to benefit from it! It’s for everybody.

    What is a gong relaxation?

    It's quite simple. You lie back nice + comfortably. I play the gong. The gong is a deep sound vibration. It breaks down the ego. You allow yourself to relax completely. Very cleansing.

    What is a walking meditation?

    What it says on the tin, really! We walk and breathe. We focus on what's around us. We silently chant in our heads as we walk to focus the mind. FANTASTIC way to meditate if you can never sit still.

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