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We are a group of people from the Berkshires, Massachusetts and nearby towns who have joined together to hike regional trails, meet new people, and have fun. We have beginners, intermediates and advanced hikers who all want to explore and conquer the regional trails. Ages range from 16 and up. If you want to join us, please chime in and test us out on one of our upcoming hikes.

We are growing. We try to listen to what our members like to do and plan around these ideas and suggestions while taking into consideration our membership is diverse with respect to their capabilities, level, pace, commitment and interests.

Our goal is to be as inclusive as we possibly can and to create an environment where everyone is treated with regard and respect.

We do more than hike and are open to merging our programs and events with other MeetUps and organizations within the Berkshire area. Sharing this, we have several organizers who help plan these events and are always looking to invite new members to introduce events as well.

Many of our members enjoy Lite hiking of 1-3 miles in our series called "A Walk in the Woods" and more difficult hikes of 3+ miles with some climbing and tougher terrain on the Appalachian Trail, at Mount Greylock, and so on.

We try to accommodate those who want to discover the woods along with those who want to achieve goals such as hiking the entire AT in the Berkshires over the summer. While some of us are trying to get back into shape, others are advanced hikers looking for rugged terrain, climbing on higher elevations and more challenging hiking.

All who join are interested in meeting new people, especially folks who enjoy the outdoors and an active lifestyle are welcome.

The point to these MeetUps is to meet new folks. All are welcome. Our goal is to have fun, to try new things, stay or get healthy and find the positive side of life. Leave your complaining home please, we are looking to hang with happy, fun people.


Name Title Cell Number

Deena Gilbert - Founder/Organizer - 203-898-3131

Karen Gorss Benko - Organizer - 413-652-9913

Sharon Siter - Organizer - 413-429-1647

Kathy Pals - Organizer - 651-485-7302

Note: We are always looking to add more leaders to our team!

In our Pages Section (top tabs of the website) you will see what we look for in leadership. If you are interested, please contact Deena Gilbert at the above number to explore. Leaders are folks who lead events or might want to Sweep for starters and then lead to get to know what this entails and acquainted with trails and events, or might want to add a challenge(s) to the MeetUp.

We collaborate or piggyback often with other groups in the area working with Great Barrington Trails & Greenways, Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC), Berkshire Natural Resources Council (BNRC), Berkshire Bike and Board, and other groups.

The point is to have fun and enjoy the breathtaking scenery all around us in the Berkshires and Beyond.

Hiking is our primary focus but we also like to celebrate socially in other ways ranging from parties/picnics to wine tasting or a beer run to a local watering hole, to movies and other adventures (Kayaking, White Water Rafting...). We run year-round with snowshoeing and winter hiking as well as cross country skiing and we have leaders who are accomplished in these skills.

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