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Note: this meeting is moved to Thursday from the regular day of Tuesday. If you would like to attend but can't make it on that particular day please let me know in the comments and we can consider changing the date.

An opportunity to discuss the social ramifications of technology, both positive and negative, based on short readings.

This month's reading will be "Computing Machinery and Intelligence", by Alan Turing. You can find a copy here:

About the reading group in general:

My vision for these meetings is that readings should be relatively short (articles and short stories) and whoever picks the readings should come with some questions to help stimulate conversation and be prepared to do some light moderation.

In general the meeting should be seminar style, meaning the goal is to try to understand the subject matter of the text(s) by asking questions and making interpretations and arguments, rather than to engage in a debate where there are winners and losers. In particular, the goal in discussing these readings shouldn't be to defend or attack technology, but to understand concrete issues related to it. With all that said, hopefully these can be free-wheeling energetic discussions :)