What we're about

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Artists and Art Lovers, producers and adorers.

We all here enjoy exploring the Berlin art scene and meeting other like-minded souls. Everyone is different, but there's one thing that we share: we all love art.

No matter if it is paintings, theatre, dance, graphics, music, sculpture, photography, literature, films or anything else...

Let's go to see exhibitions, performances, readings, presentations, artist talks, classes, concerts, etc. together and meet for a drink and a chat afterwards to share our opinions, thoughts and impressions.

Regardless of your level of experience and knowledge of art, you are more than welcome to join our group, to network and meet other fans and participate in the art creation or consumption process.

Little galleries, artist studios and well known museums. Small bars and large concert halls. Everything is on the list. Feel free to join, suggest or organize any type of event that fits our style.

Feel free to join or suggest a new meetup (there is a button for that on our calendar) at any time.

Let's share, grow, learn, create, inspire, and get inspired together!

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