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Cooperation or generic research and innovation? What are the hidden, intangible aspects of your business model, business process or your value proposition?

Here we build disruptive business and engagement models and strategies, set rules, question legacy rules and market habits.

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Open gates to your serverless infrastructure (and how to secure them)

"Following my in-depth research on AWS security, I dug into serverless computing with some good results. In this presentation, expect: * my findings on publishing malicious NPM packages to smuggle malicious code into legitimately looking dependencies * examples of validation errors in serverless applications, including event injection and Denial of Wallet attacks in open source projects * privilege escalation and taking control over the whole AWS environment using RCE in a fugacious, serverless environment * insecure default settings of common serverless frameworks * lots of demos * lots of fun 🙂 I’ll also discuss how to prevent those attacks and how to detect them using native AWS monitoring services." Pawel Rzepa: "I'm a senior security consultant in SecuRing. I have a wide experience in security field gained inter alia, as a fuzzer developer in Spirent, pentester in EY GSS, security auditor in Credit Agricole or threat analyst in IBM SOC. My skills are proven by gaining OSCP and eMAPT certificates. I actively support OWASP community as a one of top contributors in OWASP MSTG project and by arranging local OWASP chapter meetings in Wroclaw." Please register here: https://securing.clickmeeting.com/open-gates-to-your-serverless-infrastructure-and-how-to-secure-them-/register/

SHIFT Business Festival - code for 10 % discount

Are you interested in Finnish innovations, like IoT, blockchain, healthtech and many more? Check out Shift in Turku - https://theshift.fi/! It is less crowded than Slush and weather will be nicer than in November... Use the discount code "ScandinavianBusinessHub" to get 10 % discount on your tickets! By the way, early bird prices are valid till the end of January (Finnish time). See you in Turku!

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