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Cooperation or generic research and innovation? What are the hidden, intangible aspects of your business model, business process or your value proposition?

Here we build disruptive business and engagement models and strategies, set rules, question legacy rules and market habits.

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Infoshare 2020 online from Gdansk - get a free basic pass

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We invite you to the first online Infoshare Conference streamed from the City of Gdańsk on September 23-25 and 28-30, 2020. There are 9 stages waiting for you, where you will listen to inspiring speeches, gain knowledge in the field of IT, marketing and business scaling. The greatest speakers will share their thoughts. People running a business or looking for inspiration will surely appreciate the Inspire Stage where we will watch, among others stories told by Joanne Pransky, World's First Robotic Psychiatrist, Audrey Tang, Taiwan's Digital Minister, or Anis Uzzaman, the CEO and General Partner of Pegasus Tech Ventures, the investors of companies such as Airbnb or SpaceX or Brad Feld, an experienced investor and entrepreneur, author of books from the Startup Revolution series. As always, the Infoshare organizers have prepared an extensive part of the program facing out the needs of programmers and engineers. The technology stages will also feature experienced experts from the biggest technology companies such as Google, Twitter IBM, Spotify or Tinder, and independent specialists. There will be, among others John Romero, award-winning programmer and game designer, creator of such iconic titles as Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM and Quake, Mikko Hypponen, a recognized cybersecurity expert, Shioulin Sam, Applied Machine Learning Leader at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, or Rich Dutton, Head of Machine Learning for Corporate Engineering at Google. Infoshare Online 2020 it's not only speeches but also networking using matchmaking tools Virtual Partner Expo, Virtual Startup Expo and jobboard. Join a truly innovative society and get inspired by the world of technology! Register starting from FREE Basic Pass which get you the access to speeches at Inspire and DevTrends Stages and virtual expos: https://infoshare.pl/is-register/

"Own the Unknown" by Amor Muto

Online event

We never expected things to change so much, so quickly. We resist and struggle or adapt and figure out how to thrive – a key decision when chartering into unknown territory. What mind states and habits help us to cultivate resilience? What type of structure and culture allows teams to get stronger through change? The future feels unpredictable and unknown – what can you do to own it? Key Takeaways: 1. Recognize personal and professional stressors 2. Discover the power of vulnerability 3. 6 key characteristics of resilience 4. Energy Management Compass For who? If you care about getting good at change, this is for you! Who: Amor Muto "In 2012 life’s adventure fundamentally challenged the way I live. After breaking my neck at the age of 25, I was forced to learn to embrace life in a new body. I learned that time is only worth something with enough energy. I had to spend years researching, finetuning, and testing how to find balance and live life in a new way. This brought an extensive focus on the importance of harvesting and managing energy. I am dedicated to share my experience and expertise around dealing with change with as many human beings as possible." https://www.amormuto.com/

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Main digital marketing challenges for e-shops

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