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Cooperation or generic research and innovation? What are the hidden, intangible aspects of your business model, business process or your value proposition?

Here we build disruptive business and engagement models and strategies, set rules, question legacy rules and market habits.

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Active Listening for Psychological Safety

Online event

We will host Lari and Adam again:

Setting new work systems will require leaders to rethink and expand one of the most effective predictors of team effectiveness: psychological safety. To have psychological safety is to feel safe to share risks within a team, be vulnerable in front of the group.

Leaders have mainly focused on enabling openness concerning work content. However, as the boundary between work and life becomes more blurry, leaders must make decisions that consider employees' personal contexts.

To explore the topic and share how we feel about the changes in the work setting from the pandemic, we will do an active listening exercise with peers. Active listening is giving somebody full attention. A skill that helps build trust and understanding both in personal and professional relationships.

To wrap up, we will share learnings and reflect together.

The session will last 60 minutes and, for the next 30 minutes, we will be online to discuss more with you and other teamwork enthusiasts.

We will use MURAL, and if you haven't used it so far, we recommend a short and enjoyable pre-work. https://bit.ly/3shXJBn

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Retrospective for Engagement

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