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What we're about

Cooperation or generic research and innovation? What are the hidden, intangible aspects of your business model, business process or your value proposition?

Here we build disruptive business and engagement models and strategies, set rules, question legacy rules and market habits.

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Teamwork: how to focus on what your team needs?

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We will host Lari and Adam again:

Teamwork has never been more important than it is today.

90 % of companies report they are working on projects so complex that only teams of people working together will solve them.

Productivity and innovation lie in the hands of skilled teams that can effectively collaborate, but how can you engage your team to high performance? What should you be looking at?

In this session, we will reflect on how teams evolve, the team's key productivity competencies, and how to promote your team's accountability and psychological safety.

We will use Zoom and MURAL and, as a warm-up, we invite you to:
- watch the video that we prepared on the topic:
- reflect on the following: What competence are we, as a team, good at? What competence do we need to improve?
- try out MURAL to collaborate during the session:

About us
We are MakeTeamWork. We design remote experiences for teams that aim to thrive and get high-performant by improving their capabilities in topics like:
Collaboration and Design Sprints
Team Culture and Process
Remote Facilitation
Feedback & Nonviolent Communication.

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Feedback: learn and train for better team dynamics!

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