What we're about

China is on the way of becoming a global player and leader in 5 key technologies:

1.) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and linked to that, an entirely new way of e-commerce and retail
2.) Biotechnology and genome sequencing
3.) Automatisation and robotics
4.) Energy storage and electric mobility
5.) Blockchain technology

Now the issue is, that these important trends will emerge and happen in an entirely new Chinese ecosystem dominated by players such as Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent.

This meetup will host a series of events to explore the Chinese tech and digital innovation space in these relevant industries.

Join us for:

- Learning more about the new Chinese new middle class, digital consumer and the e-commerce and social media landscape.

- Discuss our keynotes regarding digital innovation in China in the 5 key technologies and how European businesses can make use of it or react to it.

- Networking, networking, networking!

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