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A social group for expats, diplomats and international-minded Germans living in Berlin!

The Berlin Expat Meetup group is a community that can help you make the most out of your life in Germany's offbeat capital.

Here, you can make new friends, and get help with finding work, educational institutions and the best places for food and entertainment.

Eine soziale Gruppe von Ausländern und Deutschen in Berlin.

Un grupo para extanjeros y Alemanes que vivin en Berlin.

Un groupe social pour les étrangers et les Allemands vivant à Berlin.

مجموعة اجتماعية للأجانب والألمان الذين يعيشون في برلين .

Un gruppo sociale per gli stranieri e tedeschi che vivono a Berlino.


Um grupo social para estrangeiros e alemães que vivem em Berlim.

베를린에 거주하는 외국인과 독일인에 대한 사회 집단 .

Berlin'de yaşayan yabancılar ve Almanlar için bir sosyal grup.

Cоциальная группа для иностранцев и немцев, проживающих в Берлине

μια κοινωνική ομάδα για τους αλλοδαπούς και τους Γερμανούς που ζουν στο Βερολίνο


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Vegan Wine Tasting

Online event


You probably know that most wine is not vegan – and you may have a few questions! Mine would be: How can I tell if a wine is free of animal-derived products? Does anyone have any great recommendations for vegan wine? What about organic, natural, and bio-dynamic processes? Which wines pair best with plant-based food? As a wine expert and 30+ year vegetarian, I am well placed to answer these questions, and many, many more. I will recommend 3 vegan wines which you can find in Berlin and elsewhere. You prepare your food, and join me online. We’ll taste, discuss and enjoy! At the same time I will answer the questions above, plus any others you may have. There will be photos, maps and diagrams to help explain things. Cheers, Sean [masked] You can pay by bank transfer to account : IBAN: DE[masked] [masked] Or by Paypal to account: siggy6776@gmail

Taste Wine Like a Pro – Online!

Online event


Our isolation tastings have been great fun; but let’s move it up a notch. Join us in Berlin and New York and around the world as we learn how to taste wine like a pro. Grab your favourite bottle of white. Decant a delicious red. And dig around at the back of the cabinet for a ¼ bottle of brandy (or rum, whisky or whatever). Because we are going to learn a real life skill: how to sample, savour and summarise in a way that makes sense, helps you to catalogue your experiences – and impresses your peers. I will supply the video clips, print-outs and other information to transform you from to dilettante to connoisseur. By the end of the evening you will be considerably more knowledgeable regarding how to handle wine and how to taste wine like a pro! Cheers! Sean About Sean: With years of experience living in viticultural regions, importing and exporting wine, and running bars and wine shops, Sean has a lifetime of information, opinion and stories to share. Sean has been hosting wine tasting events for 15 years, which are beloved by the many regular participants. They focus on wine, beer and Cognac tastings, held around a theme such as country of origin, food pairing or finding more esoteric links with wine; for example mythology, art or veganism. Sean’s wine choices tend towards vegan and organic grower-wines, from small and independent wineries. Typically he likes to combine classics with little-known discoveries within the same tasting activity. He has a WSET Level 3 qualification, a professional business English training certificate from Trinity College London, and over 15 years hosting wine-tasting seminars. He has also lived and worked in the wine regions of France, exporting wine and running bars and wine shops. “Learning through tasting is the most fun way to pick up wine knowledge. You will also find out exactly what all those confusing terms mean, and hear great stories about the traditions and wine-makers that make these bottles so delicious. Add in some serious soil, plant and chemistry knowledge, and you have yourself a tasting evening!”

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Long-distance couples: stay connected (online workshop)

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