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Universal Human Nation - Lets start it!

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Since January of this year a worldwide campaign of adhesion to the Universal Human Nation started promoted by Convergence of Cultres (

I would like to add some activities to this campaign here in Berlin together with some other “idealists”. I don´t know what, nor how, nor when, how or with whom. If you feel the same urge, lets come together, lets inspire us, talk through some crazy idea and see if we can get on the same page and put in action something.

Some information about the campaign:
This campaign was born due to the need of a deep encounter between all human beings without distinction of race, sex, age, culture and religion. Its main aim is to find what unites us and to know that there are more things in common than that really separates us.
The search of "the human" in others is a totally revolutionary action. Sharing what is good for one with others, no matter the color of the skin, the religious believes, the place where we were born or the ideas that we have of the world; it is a simple action that will transform the world and ourselves in a new direction.
The image of a universal human nation does not only represent a uniform world but also a multiple one: ethnicities, languages and customs. Multiple in places: regions and autonomous communities; multiple in ideas and aspirations; multiple in believes, atheism and religiosity; multiple in the work; multiple in creativity.
The image of another possible world mobilizes our best aspirations, our best feelings, and our best actions. In it we recognize ourselves, whatever our contribution was inside the diversity that we aspire.
We also understand that the future of a few finishes in nobody’s future. We fight by non-violent action denouncing any form of discrimination against people or minority groups.
There are limits and borders everywhere, but the most difficult ones are in our minds. The universal human nation is no longer a utopia is a reality that is underway.

Because of that I join and promise myself with the building of the future Universal Human Nation:

Affirming that nothing must be either over the human being or any human being below another one. Working together with others for the elimination of borders; building a world for people and cultures, not for markets. Contributing to the equality of opportunities and rights for all people. Recognizing the personal and cultural diversity of each people and condemning any form of violence or discrimination. Affirming the freedom of ideas and believes. Trying to develop the knowledge over the accepted or imposed as absolute truth. Rejecting violence in any form (physical, psychological, economic, racial, religious, sexual, etc.)