Past Meetup

12 months and counting... time to celebrate!

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We founded this group on October 4, 2012.

One year on, it's time to celebrate this little dream, and reflect. Lets also take this opportunity to discuss the future of the group.

**to facilitate all of the above, we'll meditate a little, guided by a special guest (message below).

Don't just think. Expand

The expansion for the next step is an easy and structured way to bring our minds and consciousness into an expanded, clear and creative state. From which we can see and plan our next steps in a new, fresh and bright state of intelligence.

What is it good for:

You can Choose the phenomenon or the state of things which you would like to reveal their next step. This can be anything you have in mind - from the future of the great religions, through the next steps of an institution in which you are involved, to a personal initiative you would like to develop. Using the expansion method you will be able to see the obstacles and solutions; vision and crucial steps in order to make your vision alive. you will be able to surprise your self and become clear and practical.

The expansion method developed by the thinker and author Shai Tubali, has already helped hundreds of people and organizations. now it is your turn to share the expansion.


Noga- an expander, organizer and active dreamer of a better world.

P.S. bring food and drinks, some will be provided.