• Perfecting Personas – 13th Berlin JTBD meetup

    We welcome you to our next jobs-to-be-done meetup to listen in and discuss the (sometimes dreaded) persona. From day 1 there's been two camps; people claiming personas has too much cruft and irrelevant information, and the people that see beyond that and look to personas to connect and materialize research findings, often to clients. Following the JTBD meetup in London last month, Andrej has done solid work in finding a best of both worlds regarding jobs research and persona creation. He'll present his work, and we'll do a Q&A after. We'll also give a brief update on the state of JTBD, and a quick intro to newbies. It's been far to long since last time, and we hope both old–timers and new people will show up. We've been lucky to host this even at the offices of Blacklane, in Schöneberg.

  • Case studies and JTBD books roundup — 12th Berlin JTBD meetup

    After a longer hiatus with Martin moving to London and us being fully loaded with projects, we invite you to touch base with the Berlin Jobs-to-be-Done community. In 2016 innovators were blessed with not one, two, but three books on Jobs-to-be-Done, demonstrating how people apply the paradigm to build successful services. During our session we want to take a closer at Alan Klement's publication "When Coffee and Kale Compete" and see how he improved his helpful job story format. To spice things up, we will further take a look at how the founder of a famous Berlin startup used the paradigm to improve the team's understanding of customer struggles and jobs. We are back on Thursday, 26th of January 2017 at the lovely office of ITR8 in Friedrichshain. Come along! Andrej, Hannes and Tor

  • Vendbridge guest talk – 11th Berlin JTBD meetup

    We are happy to have some very special guests joining us for our 11th Berlin JTBD meetup. — This time Alice Šáchová and Beat Walther from Vendbridge (CH) will share insights on how they use JTBD to help their clients to develop better value propositions, sales stories and innovative product concepts. With Venbridge they gathered years of experience and expertise in recognizing new customer insights and in turning them into innovation, using their CFI (Customer-Focused Innovation) method to make outcomes more tangible, objective and measurable. The 11th Berlin JTDB meetup is kindly hosted by TLGG and takes place at their space on Paul-Lincke-Ufer.

  • JTBD Practitioner’s Clinic — 10th Berlin meetup

    Aperto AG - In der Pianofabrik

    What are your challenges with Jobs-to-be-Done? What questions do you have regarding techniques, stakeholder commitment or the greater framework? We will open a collaborative JTBD Clinic. Everyone will be able to submit an issue or question in advance to the event which we will collectively address and discuss. The 10th Berlin JTDB meetup is kindly hosted by Aperto and take place at their stunning piano hall in Mitte.

  • Open JTBD fishbowl conversation — 9th Berlin meetup

    Where is Jobs-to-be-Done as a mindset, practise, or set of tools right now? What are current challenges and struggles – on both practical and theoretical level? And where is the approach going to lead us in 2016 and beyond? ​After various lecture-style meet-ups we like to open this round and have a participatory fishbowl conversation with you, local JTBD practitioners of different experience levels. ​The great folks of IXDS are kindly inviting us to their great Kreuzberg Hinterhof space to have some enriching conversations throughout the evening.

  • Conducting Retrospective JTBD Interviews — 8th Berlin meetup

    What made people purchase a certain product or subscribe to a service? What made them abandon one offering and switch to another? By conducting retrospective interviews we can learn about the customers' decision-making processes leading to transactions by understanding their inherent contexts and causality. At this 8th Jobs-to-be-Done meetup we will conduct such an in-depth interview live. We will learn and practise together how the JTBD interviewing technique helps to uncover key moments that shaped the customer's decision-making ahead of buying. By tracing the customer's story back to her first thought about a new solution, we will try to understand how and most importantly why the customer decided to switch. Zalando Tech’s innovation team is so kind to sponsor the meetup and host it at their terrific new place in Berlin-Mitte.

  • Job Story Writing Class — 7th Berlin meetup

    Location visible to members

    Time to get hands-on! As for many ‘Job Stories’ are the point of first contact with the Jobs-to-be-done framework and toolset – let’s have a workshop to make the theory and this particular tool actionable. Returning from the summer break, the evening will start with 3 lightning talks: 3 guests will share how they use Jobs-to-be-done in their business practise. Afterwards we will have a short input on ‘Jobs Stories’ in which we will discuss pitfalls and best practises, tips and tricks from our experience. In small groups you will have the opportunity to apply the insights and to uncover potential challenges. As usual we will finish off with a round of Q&A and have a cold beer while mingling. See you there, Andrej, Hannes, Martin & Tor

  • Integrating JTBD into existing tools & frameworks — 6th Berlin meetup

    How do you link the Jobs-to-be-Done approach to the tools, methods and frameworks you are already using? After investigating the JTBD framework, the timeline, the four motivational forces and the retrospective interview technique, we will spend an evening discussing the connections and possible integrations with related fields and disciplines, including: • Value creation (marketing) • Value proposition canvas & business model canvas (business design & modelling) • Market segmentation (marketing) • How might we questions (design thinking & ideation) • Customer journey map (service design & development) Depending on your demands and wishes, we can discuss further tools and topics. Please bring your questions or post them in advance here on meetup.com

  • 5th #JTBD Berlin Meetup


    Let’s assemble again! Picking up the discussion where we left off: what to do after conducting multiple interviews? How do you process the insights you gained and make them actionable? The 5th Berlin Jobs-to-be-Done meetup sheds a light on this synthesis – considered by some as the hardest part. The evening will offer part informal input, part open discussion as well as space for mingling with other practitioners. Design consultancy FTWK is kindly hosting and sponsoring the drinks this time. Their office is located in Friedrichshain, Gürtelstraße 25. Schedule is this: 19.00 — Arrival of guests 19.30 — Warm-up & Intro 19.45 — Input on Synthesis 20.15 — Questions & Answers 20.30 — Conversations 21.30 — Closing

  • 4th #JTBD Berlin Meetup

    Location visible to members

    The Berlin Jobs-to-be-done Meetup series continues. Building on the recent overall introduction, this edition looks deeper into conducting interviews to understand what jobs people try to get done. Tor, one of our most active community members, will share his knowledge after various months of running JTBD interviews. The 4th Meetup takes place at creative consultancy ‘Playframe’ in Berlin-Kreuzkölln.