Mozilla Hacking Day

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Join us for a "Mozilla Hacking" Day in Berlin!

What is the event about?

Mozilla community members give technical presentations about their current work on different projects at Mozilla (e.g. a look at the test infrastructure used at Mozilla, an update on the new multiprocessing work for Firefox). Later on all attendees are invited to hack on different Mozilla Projects: Firefox Core, Firefox OS, Firefox for Android, Testing Infrastructure, Webmaker, and more - Happy hacking! As there will be people from different areas of the Mozilla projects this is a good opportunity to get started with hacking the Mozilla code base or ask questions about the c No idea what to hack on? We can give you directions to an interesting Mozilla project perfectly fitted for your skills!

Rough time table:

Overall: feel free to come and leave as you wish!

Abstract outline:

• Morning: Breakfast, Presentations, Coffee, Presentations, Lunch

• Afternoon: Time for hacking (whatever you want. Maybe on any of the projects presented?), work together with Mozillians, chat and more presentations

More concrete version:

• 9:00 AM: === BREAKFAST - sponsored by Mozilla ===

• 10:00 AM: "Welcome / Introduction to Mozilla" by Michael Kohler and Julian Viereck

• 10:20 AM: "Next things for Firefox" by Tim Taubert

• 10:40 AM: "Firefox OS Development" by Colin Frei

• 11:00 AM: "Mozilla Research" by Till Schneidereit

• 11:20 AM: === COFFEE BREAK - sponsored by Mozilla ===

• 11:40 AM: "WebRTC" by Avinash Kundaliya

• 12:00 AM: "ScanJS - scanning JS for security issues" by Frederik Braun

• 12:20 AM: Lightning Talk - "Webmaker" by Michael Kohler and "MDN" by Florian Scholz

• 12:40 AM: === LUNCH BREAK - sponsored by Mozilla ===

• 01:40 PM: "Hacking part introduction" by Georg Fritzsche others

In addition to the presentations in the morning, following future topics will be presented in the afternoon (no fixed timetable yet):

• "Mozilla Research Extended" by Till Schneidereit

• "Towards Multiple Processes in Firefox (e10s)" by "Tom Schuster"

• "Firefox OS Malware Defense and the Firefox OS Crypto Concept" by Christiane Ruetten

• "Calendar Data for Apps and the Web with ICAL.js" by Philipp Kewisch

• "Mozmill & release testing of Firefox" by Henrik Skupin


Hope to see you there!

PS: You can find almost all Mozilla projects at Github (, ready to be improved by you!

PPS: You can't wait until April? Go to and see what you can do for Mozilla!