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An introduction to digital donations/fundraising by Betterplace

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Joanna Breidenbach, co-founder of ( and laBoss at betterplace lab. Joana holds a PhD in Social Anthropology and is the author of numerous books about cultural globalisation.


5.00: Welcome + 'check in'
5.30: Presentations
6.00: Q&A
6.15: Collaborative Working Session
7.00: Going to "Club der Visionäre" together - Networking

Background ( is Germany's largest online marketplace for social projects and is used for fundraising by over 5000 civil society organisations. The betterplace lab is a think and do tank, researching digital communications for the social sector. Together with Berlin Peace Innovation Lab betterplace is developing new donation tools based on an open API. Following the event we will host a hackathon (in July) where the best ideas will be developed into prototypes and products.

Berlin Peace Innovation Lab

Berlin Peace Innovation Lab develops quantitative, predictive, computational systems and methods to sense engagement levels and interaction quality across group boundaries.
The Peace Innovation Lab then provide design frameworks, principles and methodologies for Persuasive Technology interventions to measurably increase positive engagement, at scale. This approach to global risk management is primarily preventive, positive and generative rather than remedial or punitive, rapidly scalable, and rapidly optimizable. Most important, it is fundamentally profitable to both sides of potential conflicts, which enables global capital markets to reallocate assets towards the solutions we develop.

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