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SPECIAL Science Hack Stammtisch - microbiome party

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We have lined up a very special edition of our Stammtisch for this month. Take note - it will take place this time in Wedding at the fantastic Art Laboratory Berlin ( - a gallery and space for contemporary art at the meeting point of art, science and technology. Thanks to curators Chris and Regine we will get a special tour of their recently opened exhibition - Nonhuman Subjectivities: The Other Selves. On the Phenomenon of the Microbiome ( It gets to work on our perhaps uneasy relationship with the microscopic species with which we share our bodies. How should we interpret our role as 'hosts'. How does this knowledge affect our perception of self - is it us v.s. them, or can we accept ourselves as multispecies ecosystems. We'll also be joined by exhibiting artist Tarsh Bates (bio below) all the way from SymbioticA (, legendary bioart laboratory at UWA, Perth, Australia, who will tell us a bit about her work with her favourite fungus Candida albicans.

After the tour and talk in the gallery the evening will work much like our usual Stammtisch (we'll probably move to the Glaskasten restaurant next door for some drinks and food if you're hungry) - an open discussion were everyone is free to share science hacks, favourite phenomena, ideas and projects... though we're secretly hoping to inspire a bit of a biological bent.


The monthly Science Hack Stammtisch is a free event which takes place on the evening of the 4th Wednesday of each month. It’s the opportunity to join the Berlin Science Hacking community to share and discuss science-inspired passion projects, citizen science, diy experiments, and awesome science hacks.

Who is this Stammtisch for?
Whether you’re a seasoned science hacker or a newbie who just wants to find out more about science hacking, you should come. The most important thing is that you want to make stuff and that you ♥ science REALLY BAD. This Stammtisch is going to be especially cool for people who consider themselves to be developers, designers, coders, engineers, artists, makers, inventors, hackers, all kinds of scientists and your classic all-rounder enthusiastic renaissance types.

What will happen?
The evening is very informal and loosely structured to be open for anyone to present their projects, ask questions, contribute comments, share favourite finds from the last month, hang out, meet cool people etc. If you want to present a hack or project make sure you bring whatever you need to do that. We’ll have a Beamer but we’re not making any promises about adapters.

Prinzenallee 34 · Berlin