• Forests and Lakes Cycling from Olympiastadion to Schlachtensee

    45km ride with opportunity for swimming. Start: U-Olympiastadion 12:00 Finish: S-Schlachtensee approximately 5pm Speed: Not super fast but not super slow either. Approx 18km/h average. Since the weather will be hot tomorrow I thought we would take cover in the shade of the forests around the Havel to the west of Berlin. We will begin at U-Olympiastadion and take a few minutes to cycle round the grounds of the Olympic stadium before making our way to the Havel. The plan is to ride the North side from Wilhelmstadt to Sacrow (along the water and on paths as much as possible) . After 25kms we will take the ferry at Sacrow 1 stop to Krughorn and continue along a cycle path through the Westlicher Düppeler Forst along the waterside to Wannsee. The ferry departs at 1420 and 1550. Finally we will head in the direction of the Grunewald and Schlachtensee. There is a sandy beach and also a beer garden at Schlachtensee. Final opportunity for a swim before the tour ends at S-Bahn Schlachtensee. We will take breaks along the way, with a main stop and opportunity to swim either before the ferry or at Schlachtensee depending on how quickly we progress. Cost of ferry is 7 euros incl bike. View the route here: "https://www.komoot.com/invite-tour/90409970?code=1ehh2g-DrVOHERfM1AaFdTU3BZzQjqF16PtWpg9zQhuNdV2zLc" You don't need an amazing bike for this trip as long as it is in good working order with tyres suitable for light gravel and compacted soil, ie no racing bikes. Water and snacks / packed lunch highly recommended. There is a Bier Garten at the very end.

  • Gransee to Oranienburg

    Needs a location

    https://www.komoot.com/tour/81449683?ref=wtd 50km Pace is moderate: 20 kmh avg, any kind of bike should be fine. Bring a picnic! Can go for a swim at the end in Lehnitzsee RE5 Train leaves Sudkreuz at 10:02 but you can also get on at Hbf, Potsdammer Platz or Gesundbrunnen. Return to Berlin from Oranienburg S-Bahn (zone C)

  • Chodźmy do Polski!

    Berlin Central Station

    (TRIP IS FULL NOW SORRY FOLKS) Staying here: https://www.booking.com/hotel/pl/willa-mona.de.html?aid=202008;sid=5de21880ad0bbaba726114d65ec2a60a Day 1: https://www.komoot.com/tour/55151834?ref=wtd inc. small ferry https://www.xn--fhre-kamp-karnin-vnb.de/en/fahrplan/ 10 euro each inc bike 98km (no way to shorten this, but we'll take the whole day for it) Day 2: https://www.komoot.com/tour/55151719?ref=wtd 36km x 2 (there/back) Day 3: https://www.komoot.com/tour/61798718?ref=wtd with ferry. 59km + 21km on ferry Ferry: http://reederei-peters.de/kamminke-ueckermuende/ Cost: 24.50 inc bike 06:32 from Hbf Berlin on Friday morning!!!! 16:40 ferry then 19:00 from Ueckermünde Stadthafen on Sunday (back at 21:28) Cost of accommodation is 31 euros each total (for 2 nights) not sure if breakfast is included. Then obviously food, train tickets.

  • Round trip from Buch to Liepnitzsee

    Gesundbrunnen S+U Bahn

    The weather forecast is good, so I think its time for the first trip up to the lovely Liepnitzsee. 40km Route is here: https://en.komoot.de/tour/8835675?ref=wtd We'll start and end the cycling at Berlin Buch S-Bahn station, but we'll meet at the Gesundbrunnen station. From Buch we head to Bernau then over to the lake. Bring a packed lunch, we will stop for 1.5 to 2 hrs at the Liepnitzsee. Water is prob still quite fresh but the adventurous can go for a swim.. afterwards we'll head back to Buch via the forest and the Gorinsee and make a stop at http://james-biergarten.de/ Please keep RSVPs updated!

  • Bernau loop via Gamensee

    Einkaufsbahnhof Berlin Hbf

    https://www.komoot.com/tour/66958920?ref=wtd 67km Medium pace - not fast, not slow, 20-22 khm Touring bike is best - there are a few sections through the woods A few sections with moderate traffic I think - can't be avoided Bring a picnic, swimming stuff if you want. We'll stop at the Gamensee on the way. We meet on the platform. You'll need an ABC ticket + bike ticket. Train ride is 20 mins to Bernau. It takes longer than you think to buy tickets, and find the platform at Hbf so be on time! ;-)

  • Havelradweg

    Berlin Südkreuz

    Wer möchte mitkommen zu einer Radtour entlang des Havelradweges von der Quelle bis zur Mündung in die Elbe? Datum: 10 Mai bis 13 Mai. Länge: 394 Kilometer. Tagesetappen rund 100 Kilometer von Ankershagen bis Gnevsdorf. Übernachtung in kleinen Hotels oder Pensionen.

  • Fürstenwalde along the Spree to Müggelsee

    Berlin, Berlin Ostkreuz Station (Train)

    Meetup is FULL Please keep your RSVP up to date! https://www.komoot.com/tour/5432260?ref=wtd 54km - moderate pace - not fast, not too slow (18-22kmh) RE1 train from Ostkreuz at 11:09 Bring a picnic - we'll stop at the Badestelle Kleiner Müggelsee, if you're brave, you can swim! After that we'll stop at the Rubezahl Biergarten ;-) Finish will be at Friedrichshagen S-Bahn

  • Fürstenwalde along the Spree to Muggelsee

    Berlin Ostbahnhof

    —-> meet at Ostbahnhof platform 1 at 9.25, train at 9.39 —> please buy a one way ticket to Fürstenwalde + bike ticket in advance **distance 54km** You can see a map of the route here: https://www.komoot.com/tour/45617854?ref=itd This is a nice route through the Brandenburg countryside along the Spree and through forests. We‘ll stop half way for lunch and at the end make our way to a cafe or beer garden by Muggelsee. Finally we‘ll take the S bahn back to Berlin from Friedrichshagen. The route is mainly on cycle paths and quiet roads. There may be trails off-road through the forest consisting of compacted sand and gravel. You don’t need a mountain bike for these but should have good tyres with some tread. Speed is about 20km/h. Not fast but neither super slow. Things to take: Bike in good working order. Bring a picnic as we will stop half way but there aren’t guaranteed to be shops or restaurants. Water Puncture repair kit / inner tube Train ticket + bike ticket

  • Straussee - Badestelle Elsensee Loop from Hirschgarten

    S Bahn Hirschgarten

    --> 10.00am S-Bahn Hirschgarten 78km Loop Since the start of the ride is within the BVG area, we will meet at S-Bahn Hirschgarten. Don’t forget to buy a bike ticket! https://www.komoot.com/tour/45273040?ref=itd In Strausberg we‘ll pass by the small airfield and try to find a coffee. We'll have lunch and a swim at the Badestelle after 50km. Please bring a packed lunch. Finally we'll return to Hirschgarten and from there take the S-Bahn back. Speed is about 20km/h. Not fast but neither super slow. Bring a picnic. Will be warm (as ever) so don't forget the water and sunscreen ;)