The Current State of Web and Content Management Technologies in 2020

BerlinSaloon @ SXSW 2020
BerlinSaloon @ SXSW 2020
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Your update to new approaches like headless CMS, JAMstack and new
technologies like ReactJS

The web has radically changed and improved over the last 15 years. Unfortunately, the technology behind a website has not.
Editors still find themselves filling out complex form fields and hitting preview buttons. Do you know a single person who LIKES to work with a CMS?

Problem is, currently available CMSs are known for terrible usability, ancient technologies, high maintenance – and they constantly face serious security threats. Commercial CMS are just more expensive - but not better in any way.

Learn in this meetup about the next generation of web and content management solutions, about new approaches like headless CMS and JAMstack, new technologies like ReactJS.