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Bärner Go Talks 2022 no. 2

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Hello Bärner Go Community

We are very happy to announce a Bärner Go Meetup on Tuesday, Sept 6th 2022 18:00 location will be in Bern within reach of the main train station at the offices of Die Mobiliar in the Aula conference room.

The format as usual will be talks follow an open discussion with refreshments.

Go at Swiss Post for Automation and Testing – Philip Sahli
Philip Sahli works as a System Cloud Architect at Swiss Post and has gained a lot of experience as a Kubernetes engineer in the cloud environment in recent years. Philip knows the history of Go at Swiss Post and talks about the use cases and used frameworks.

"The Fast and the Furious" – John Hutchison
Microservice and [Type|Java]script Single-Page-Applications are nice standards. However, sometimes you just need a quick, easy way to serve some web-content and get some work done in the background. Built on Basecamp's Hotwire approach that they use to develop their own services, this talk will show the possibilities and advantages of a service written wholly in Go, serving HTML-over-the-wire. Based on personal experience, John will show an example of how you can get a simple application up and running, the main features of the Hotwire Turbo and Stimulus frameworks, some of the pitfalls and where you can go once everything is up and running.
John is a Cloud Native BizDevSecOps Engineer at Bespinian who believes buzzwords should be banned. After having to move on from Smalltalk he never thought he would find true love again, until he met Go.

Go, Mobi, Go!
It's already three years since Go was officially introduced at die Mobiliar. A lot has changed since then. Learn how we use Go at Mobi for infrastructure automation to flatten the journey into the public cloud. We will give a big picture as well as some lessons learned.

We still have our own slack channel bärner-go if you want to reach out. We are more than happy to get in contact with all of you and can share ideas, experience or tackle technical challenges there as well.

Bärner Go Meetup
Bärner Go Meetup
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Bundesgasse 35 · Bern, BE