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So much food, but so little time. Join me in my quest to try as many eats, treats and drinks that NYC has to offer. Burgers and dumplings and brownies - oh my. The only thing you need to bring to this group is your appetite.

We'll try anything from brunches to crawls, theme weeks and special food events. Depending on the type of event, we may dine family-style or order individually. Of course for us all to have an enjoyable time, please keep in mind the following:

***MUST have a recognizable profile photo of yourself. Not Daffy Duck, not Julia Roberts. Of You.***

1. A $1.00 fee will be added to certain events to help pay for the cost of keeping the group going. You will always know in advance of this fee.

2. It stinks to put time and effort into an event, only to have people bail last minute. You get 2 no shows/late cancels (combined - so 2 of any total) before you are removed - ONLY if you notify me to let me know why you can't come or couldn't make it. But if you are a no show and you appear to be lost at sea, are gone with the wind, etc. you will be removed immediately. Additionally, I reserve the right to remove you from the group for any number of reasons, including but not limited to: repeated lateness to events; adding yourself to waitlists only to be bumped up to attend and then back out; repeatedly RSVPing NO (then why did you join?); being disengaged from the group/event (on your phone, leaving the group, etc.).

3. Accountability: Let's be honest - sometimes organizers drop the ball and cancel events last minute for numerous reasons. Life is busy and sometimes it can't be helped. I do have certain family commitments that alter my schedule from time to time, so if I need to cancel last minute for whatever reason, the people who RSVP for that event get first crack at an upcoming event of their choice, a sincere apology, and I will waive the $1.00 fee for that event (if there is a fee for it or the one chosen). The same goes if I am 15 minutes or more late.

4. Inappropriate comments and actions are not tolerated and will get you booted from the group and reported. This is any type of physical or verbal harassment, threats, insults or foul language towards myself or any other group member or people we encounter while on our Meetup event.

5. Suggestions! Suggestions are always welcomed. I have more than enough places on my list to try, but there are always spots I haven't heard of or read about or been to, so the more suggestions, the better.

6. Event Payments: Depending on the event, it may be better to pay with cash than credit. In general, I ALWAYS recommend having at least $30 of cash on you for any event.

7. Allergies: If you have a food allergy, please be extra careful in cases where we dine family-style. While I or the server may ask about allergies before ordering, please read the menu thoroughly and ask questions. In general, your participation in any activities of Best of NYC Eats & Treats is your acknowledgement that you are solely responsible for your own health & safety.

8. Interests: Our taste buds all like different things. So if we're going for BBQ, and that's not your thing, don't RSVP. In cases where we're doing family-style, everyone must chip in for what we order - no exceptions. Will do my best to accommodate everyone, especially in cases of allergies.

Any questions, comments or concerns please always feel free to reach out to me.

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