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For authors who know their books deserve better…

authors who have poured their blood, sweat and tears into their book, and now want to get the product of their labor into as many hands as possible…authors who want to make a living writing…

authors who know they have a message to change the world...

to inspire, to educate, or to give readers an escape into the world of their imaginations.

Hi, I'm Lara Helmling, and I'm the fiction acquisitions editor for Morgan James Publishing. I've founded the Bestselling Author Studio because I see what's working now in book sales and why publishing is the way it is...and I want to teach authors how to make the most of their writing career.

In the Bestselling Author Studio meetups, you'll learn what's working now in book sales and publishing...how to get once-and-for-all past the slush pile...and how to market your fiction so that's actually FUN and EASY. And how about we do something really radical and start making money as authors? I'll show you how, and I'll bring in the best of my network to talk with you, too.

The vast majority of meetups are FREE. Bring a friend and enjoy!

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