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“Life and climbing are not without challenges and hardships. A puzzle for the mind, privation for the body, and fuel for the soul” (Some dirtbag climber, 2019)

We are Beta Breakers. A San Francisco Bay Area climbing club, keen on solving the conundrums of both rock and life. We are vertical travelers driven on self-improvement and solidarity to express our passion for jagged endeavors.

We welcome all levels of climbers from beginners to the exceptionally talented. We do not discriminate but we do expect our members to adhere to club policies. Our goal is to provide our members with fun and adventurous climbing events, indoors and outdoors alike.

We are not professional guides and Beta Breakers events are not guided trips, thus each member and participants to our events, including members' guests, are responsible for their own personal safety and well-being. It is our objective to provide a safe environment for our members by following proper safe climbing/belaying procedures, encouraging best practices, and sharing insight to appropriate use of climbing gear from anchors to trad protection. However, rock climbing and bouldering are dangerous sports nonetheless and accidents do occur. Personal responsibility is essential. By participating in our events, YOU AGREE NOT TO HOLD ORGANIZERS AND FELLOW MEMBERS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY OR FOR ANY HARM OR DAMAGES YOU MIGHT SUFFER WHILE AT A BETA BREAKERS EVENT OR WHILE TRAVELING TO OR FROM A BETA BREAKERS EVENT.


As stated in our introduction, rock climbing, bouldering and mountaineering are inherently risky activities that could result in injury, death, and/or loss/damage to your personal belongings. Risks include but are not limited to falls, falling objects, landslides, avalanches, aggressive animals, venomous insects or animal, poisonous plants, inclement weather, equipment failure, climber error, belayer error, and the actions of other people at or near the event site. All members guest or other participants to our events are responsible for their own personal safety and agree not to hold any Beta Breakers organizers or members liable for injuries or losses that might be incurred at Beta Breakers events. We are not a professional guides and our events are not guided trips. Members are responsible for inspecting gear before use and for assessing dangers and risks present in both indoor and outdoor climbing areas before climbing or belaying a route.

For more on climbing safety access this link here: http://www.safeclimbing.org (http://www.safeclimbing.org/)


RSVP for events that you have full intentions on attending. I understand that things happen in life, and some days you would have to bail. Please be mindful of others and communicate to the event organizer that you wont be able to make it NO REASON required (a repeat offender of flaking out will less likely be able to join future events however).


All members are expected to observe the following regulations:

1. Do not litter or vandalize the parks and crags and all other outdoor and indoor recreational areas we visit and use.

2. Do not steal or intentionally damage other people's belongings.



If at any point a member felt they are being treated unethically, please contact me (John F. Kim) or Adam Robertson (Co-Organizer) and we will happily address the situation accordingly.

Training and Education:

Beta Breakers Club have partnered with SAANO Adventures who can readily provide professional guidance and training relating to different varieties of climbing disciplines from anchor building to alpine climbing. Contact Max Stewart (can be found in member directory) for further information. Additional training may be available from the Outdoor Adventure Club run by Richard Bothwell.

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