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Capture & Captivate Your Audience When You Speak
The Voice Magnet - Capture and Captivate Your Audience When You Speak with Stephanie Bonte-Lebair Studies show that what you say isn’t nearly as important as how you say it. You can have the perfect script, but if you don't know how to deliver it, you won’t connect or influence your listener. In this Session, you'll learn: * The three-step process to empower your voice for speaking * The #1 vocal technique that will help you captivate your audience * How to build an authentic voice that connects with your ideal prospect Our special guest, Stephanie Bonte-Lebair, is a classically trained opera singer turned voice, presentation and sales coach. She coaches singers and speakers to use their voice with more power and impact and loves helping entrepreneurs and business professionals leverage their voice to improve their bottom line while making a bigger difference in the world. Her mission is to help others stand in their power and be the voice of their passions! Be part of the podcast community! Join us! Debbie DeChambeau, Meeting Facilitator Podcast Host of Divorce Exposed, The Business of Insurance and Select Business Team Sponsored by Podcast Village and Launch Workplaces

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