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We are a group of meditators of varying experience that come together for meditation every week.  Our group is open to all, no matter what level of experience.  It is our experience, that sitting together in meditation creates a powerful, shared experience of calm abiding. It is our experience that the wisdom of the whole is greater than the individual, so we come together to meditate and support each other in meditation, in cultivating mindfulness, awareness and learning.  It is our belief that as we become more peaceful within our lives and ourselves, we extend peace and healing in the world.

The format of our group is Buddhist and is mostly facilitated by Venerable Great Song of the Heart, a Buddhist Priest in the Dhyana tradition (from Vietnam which is Zen, Chu'an, Son, Thien in other cultures).  Regular service format includes incense offering, chanting Om..., a 20 minute meditation sit, a 10 minute walking meditation, another 20 minute meditation sit, followed by a brief teaching (dharma talk), sharing, dedication of merit and closing. Most members feel greatly benefited by a regular practice, supported by the group (Sangha).

If you are a new meditator or want instructions/guidance, please arrive at least 15 minutes early.

If you would like to join us virtually, please email and answer these questions:

Please share a little about who you are, and your understanding of Buddhism.

Why are you interested in this group?

What is your experience with meditation?

What would you like to receive from our meditation practice?

Please include your email, how you would like to be addressed, and your phone number. In the topic title please mention MWMC Bethlehem.

Thank you and I appreciate your effort in answering and communicating. Unfortunately, because of previous particular situations which have been interruptive and/or abusive, you will not be allowed in virtually if we do not know you or you do not email.

Here is a link to the ceremonies to follow virtually.

We begin at 7:00 pm on Monday's.

In accordance with the Dharma service is free.  Donations are encouraged to support the group and the meditation site.

Please visit us at our Facebook page;

Thanks so much for your patience and support.

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