• Inbound Lead Generation -- a Hands-On Tutorial

    Boulder Public Library - Main Library

    We Will Make a State-Of-The-Art Landing Page. Having set-up our own servers and discussed the pivotal role of marketing in order of content, we are now going to set-up our first Sales Page. A Sales Page (i.e., a Landing Page) is a webpage deep inside your site that is designed to take warm leads to hot sales. As demonstrated below, the Sales Page receives traffic from other campaigns and turns them into money: While we can talk about all of these lead generation strategies in the future, it would all be for naught without a means and understanding of how to sell online. For high-price sales we will focus on driving contacts with a sales rep and for smaller purchases we will create the means to sell directly online. In either case, we will do the following: • Create a deep landing page that is specific for a specific campaign (if you don't have one, we'll assume social media) • Talk about best practices for Sales Pages, including hands-on development if time permits • Use analytics and A/B testing to not only see our traffic, but to see how they behave and what they prefer • Discussion and deployment of advert to draw prospects to the landing page (again defaulting to a social media campaign using a Pablo-generated advert) In record time, we will work through a protocol that allows you to generate an advert to be shared on social media (see below) and then a customized landing page to solicit an email address for further contact via a sales rep (or a checkout page). As always, this information is being added to the BBB online academy and you will be able to rinse-and-repeat this inbound lead generation strategy as often as you'd like by gaining the free, permanent access to the course that is only available to attendees. Check out the example advert below to see a sample of what you will learn to create in just minutes and feel free to click the link if you'd like to know more: Special Offer (http://barrymeriash.com/fundraising-with-photography-special-offer-33)

  • Successful Web Design Principles

    Boulder Public Library - Main Library

    We all know what looks good. But what sells well? The science of marketing truly reaches its zenith with online marketing design. More than just aesthetics, good website design is about progressing users toward specific goals and capturing leads. We call this kind of goal-oriented structure Information Architecture. For those of you that attended last week, everyone now has a WordPress site set up on their own server which enables you to proceed into these aspects of design. Newcomers may also attend, with or without an operational site. The first 90 minutes or so will be reserved for discussing best practices as they relate to your business and the latter 90 minutes can be used for technical help. Depending on your needs, we may discuss the following: • Sales Pages • CTA Optimization • A/B Testing • Lead Generation Strategies and Landing Pages • Multivocal Marketing • User flow mapping • Analytics This meetup exists to better your business! Be sure to let us know what you'd like to see in the future by responding to our polls (https://www.meetup.com/Better-Marketing-Meetup/polls/). Please bring your questions and bring your laptop if you want technical help. The meeting is presently scheduled in the library's Arapahoe Room. See you Monday, Jeremy

  • Let's Make Your Website! -- Online Business Bootstraping

    Boulder Public Library - Main Library

    Our inaugural meeting will cover the essential foundation of any online marketing you will do: your website. We will be setting up WordPress site on your own Ubuntu server, utilizing the most robust technology available to deliver tremendous value to you. If time permits, we will set up SSL certificates as well as Varnish caching with Haproxy termination. I will even endow you about $200 worth of software that allows for drag-and-drop theme editing and complex functionality such as eCommerce, eLearning, directories, live chats, and more. If that sounds like gibberish, let me put it another way. You have a few options for hosting a website. 1) Free websites. Web hosts like Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, and others allow you to easily create your own website for free but have expensive upsells and limited functionality. E.g., you have to begin paying just to use your own ".com" address and must pay much more if you ever want to use eCommerce. 2) Shared Hosting. Generally running about $100/year, shared hosting allows you to easily deploy a WordPress site with near-complete functionality. Shared Hosting is so-named because your website is hosted on the same server as potentially thousands of websites which means that your speed could bottleneck if one site is very popular or gets hacked (which is more likely than you might think). 3) Cloud Hosting. A means of hosting your website easily and at lightening speed, Clouds comes at a cost. Specifically, it is going to cost potentially hundreds more per year depending on your advanced functionality and your traffic. Unless you are deploying a custom app, this is generally inadvisable and inaffordable. 4) Virtual Private Servers (VPS). Costing anywhere from $30/year to $80/year, we can secure a virtually isolated server that will do nothing but deliver your website to ogling customers. A VPS is capable of hosting a large and sophisticated website at very high speed for much less money than the Cloud server would. This tremendous gain in speed and full-functionality also comes at cost, but instead of being expensive it is simply so complicated to set up that very few people are capable of doing such. This is why we're going to be meeting... to make it possible for you to reap the cost-savings and performance-gains normally only possible with years of experience. I am a skilled technician as well as a marketer, so we will be breezing through an online course that I normally charge $150 for (and, in case we don't finish, you will go home with access to the course!). So whether you're just starting your business or are looking to revamp your site, we are going to be creating some tremendous value in the Arapahoe Room of the Boulder Public Library on Monday from 3:15p - 5:45p. You MUST bring a laptop to participate!