What we're about

Better than Small Talk is for people who want to move past repetitive small talk and explore meaningful connection via authentic conversation. Our primary method for gathering is through Connection Club, which you can sign up for at http://weshouldgettogether.com/connection-club

At Better than Small Talk:
You'll meet people from different walks of life.
You'll get to converse with others in a genuine way.
You'll meet other people who value authentic connection.

Community Agreements and Expectations:

1. Be honest. Truthful interactions are the basis of trust.

2. Respect others and yourself. Our interactions are rooted in empathy, respect, and kindness.

3. Be kind. No put-downs of self or others.

4. Listen well. This means listening with an open mind and an open heart. Refrain from interrupting or being dismissive. We may not always agree with others' viewpoints but we listen to truly understand. If we want to challenge a viewpoint, we do so from a place of respectful curiosity.

5. Participate fully. An attentive conversation is a rare thing these days. We give each other the gift of our focus and attention, while giving ourselves the gift of a break from multitasking.

What past participants at our gatherings have said:

"It was really well organized and felt comforting."

"So relevant and well thought out, planned and executed!!! LOVED!"

"Really fun event, cool people, nice conversations. So much gratitude to you for putting this on and making it happen!"

"I loved the energy of meeting new people and hearing different viewpoints."

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Connection Club

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Connection Club • Sept 28

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Connection Club • Sept 25

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Connection Club • Sept 21

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