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ملتقى يرتقي بنا لآفاق أرحب من مجرد استهلاك و نمطية عيش ثابتة ... في حدودنا السماء كنت أنت الشاهد على أن نعمة الطعام ستتجاوز حواسك الخمس و تأخذك الى عوالم أخرى لم تخطر لك على بال

أهلا و سهلا بكل حالم وواثق بأن الاتي في ممكلة الطعام أرحب و أجمل

مع حبي و تقديري

This is a forum where Body, Mind and Soul elevates to a level that never crossed your mind before !

In "The Sky is Our Limit", be the WITNESS that the bless of food will definitely surpass your FIVE SENSES AND take you to novel realms that you never thought of !

Welcome to the DREAMERS and BELIEVERS of Food Miracles

With Love and Regards

Who should join ?

Dreamers and Believers from various backgrounds who fully realize that the role of FOOD surpasses the concept of mere consumption !

Why you should join?

To create a kingdom for BELIEVERS centered on the principles of entertainment, altruism, knowledge, care and personal development ...

What can you expect from the group ?

Experiences that nourish the body , mind and soul beginning from Kuwait and covering the entire planet !

What community are we trying to give birth to ?

One where knowledge exchange and acquisition is done on a generous , profound and scientific manner.

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