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The idea of being intellectually "gifted" sure sounds great, doesn't it? And of course it is. However, for those who may not be aware of their giftedness or of what this actually means, life can be quite difficult...in some cases extremely so, as they struggle to fit in to conventional educational, social and workplace systems. Basically, what it means is that in addition to being highly intelligent, greater interconnectivity between different areas of the brain provide these people with enhanced cognitive abilities, greater sensory awareness and heightened intensities, all of which translate to significantly expanded "reach" and enhanced efficiencies in thought processes and patterns. Nothing mystical, nothing supernatural...just an enhanced "wiring" that translates to qualifiable differences in the ways in which gifted people see, learn, and think.

In other words, being gifted certainly doesn't mean that you're "broken" in any way, but the stresses of a lifetime of trying to fit in and not understanding why this is so difficult can very easily break you down. This is where many gifted people have experienced some real problems.

Since very few mental health professionals are trained in this area, there is a very high frequency of misdiagnosis of gifted patients, with some of the most common of these being ADD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and Depression (**of course a gifted person may also have one or more of these conditions**). These misdiagnoses and subsequent mistreatment can in some cases interfere with healthy development and in others cause psychological harm.

As a Gifted Coach and Mentor, and someone who has pretty much experienced the full extent of the challenges associated with giftedness, I encourage you to read a little further. If you believe that you are in fact gifted, then I welcome and encourage you to consider joining our group. Interacting with people with whom you have so much in common, sharing and receiving information and materials relating to giftedness , or simply enjoying a sense of belonging by following discussions among people with similar thoughts and experiences can make all the difference in the world. I know it certainly did for me!


At one time, the term "gifted" was quite commonly used to describe all people with very high IQ. It's quite evident however that people sharing the same IQ level can demonstrate distinctly different cognitive characteristics. As more was learned about other contributing factors to overall intelligence, the term "gifted" took on a more specific meaning. It is now commonly used to describe people who not only have a high IQ, but who are actually "wired" differently from most...who are of a "neuro-type" that is shared by an estimated 5-10% of the population.

There are gifted people in quite literally all walks of life. They can be found leading major corporations or living on the streets...they are university professors and high school dropouts. There are many life experience variables and no two are identical. What they do share is a mind that is distinguishably different from most and that presents them with some common challenges across many family, social, educational, relationship and career situations. In basic terms, they frequently find themselves with thoughts, questions and insights that go quite far beyond the limits of lesson or discussion content, regardless of the nature of the interaction.

Some common traits;

- Intuitive empathy...strong ability to sense/relate to another's feelings due to heightened sensitivities and awareness

- Strong moral/ethical values...aversion to/or even intolerance for dishonesty, greed, injustice.

- Introversion (not all, but most)

- A personal need to serve a greater purpose.

- Perfectionism...high standards for personal achievement, self-doubt in spite of demonstrated abilities ("imposter" syndrome).

- Heightened sensitivities...uncomfortable with prolonged exposure to chaotic environments, competing/disharmonious sounds or visually aggressive images, elevated emotional and sensual intensity.

- Easily bored by routine or with "small talk". Nourished by intellectual stimulation.

- Experiences of frustration or confusion when others seemingly cannot see, or will not appropriately acknowledge the relevance of factors "clearly and obviously" quite relevant to the subject at hand.

- Insatiable curiosity...a need to drill down to levels at which everything connects and makes sense.

- A stronger than average connection to surroundings. (particularly natural surroundings)

Perhaps you have already been identified as being gifted...perhaps you have not. If you have scored in the higher levels of IQ (or even if you believe by your experiences that you would), and believe that you possess these characteristics, I would love to have you enjoy the experience of connecting with your peers via this group. If you have not already interacted with similar groups, then believe me when I say that you will find people in the gifted community to be among the most warm, supportive and interesting people you will ever meet. I predict that you will feel a very strong, comfortable connection. :)

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Feeding your gifted mind...dealing with "intellectual isolation"

Hi Everyone, It's getting warmer and everything is about to explode into colour again! Some of us will be gathering in the OSCO room at the Landon Library Branch in the middle of the very warm and comfortable Wortley Village this Tuesday evening and we would love to see you there! There are so many things that we can talk about relative to intellectual giftedness, and we're happy to chat about whatever questions or thoughts you may have. A common challenge among gifted adults is a frequent (for some, almost constant) feeling of intellectual isolation...a feeling of being unable to effectively translate their thoughts or to explain the reasons behind the depth of their feelings to others. Actually, this is exactly why most gifted adults feel such a strong and immediate sense of connection with other gifted adults. This Tuesday we'll take a bit of time to talk about some of the ways that people feed intellectual/emotional needs that may differ from and/or exceed those of most others. We really look forward to seeing you! This group is approaching the 200 member mark (very cool) and we have probably met less than 10% of you in person. Let's fix that, ok? :) In the meantime, be sure to enjoy the sunshine and all of the incredible signs of new life. Gord and Steph

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Connection with Like-Minded People - Great Medicine :)

London Public Library, Cherryhill Branch

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