What we're about

Between the hustle and bustle of everyday life you may have asked yourself at least once, “What is this life really all about? Why am I here? Is this all there is? Who am I?”

There are many who ask these questions but few who heed the calling to explore them with any depth. We will investigate, rediscover, and empower ourselves by learning basic to advanced energy principles of how to live a life of Authentic Presence and Truth.

We are far more than we think ourselves to be. It is time to discover who we really are, beyond the confines of our body, mind and emotions.

In order to live with full awareness and joy we must take the first step of taking responsibility for exactly who, what, and where we find ourselves to be.

• We will begin each meetup with a short AUM chanting group guided meditation to soothe the nerves, relax the body/mind and raise the vibration.

• Everyone will have the opportunity to learn the science and metaphysics around mystical and spiritual phenomena as well as any insights and downloads received from the group.

• We combine ancient energy practices along with self-inquiry to facilitate immediate transformation, change in perspective, healing and empowerment.

• We will participate in group practices and exercises to aid learning, healing, releasing, and receiving of energy.

• Above all, we will walk away from each meetup feeling more aligned, balanced, empowered, and renewed; choosing to consciously live in total joy and empowered freedom.

Transformation requires but a willingness to be open and explore the potentiality latent within.

Presented by Elizabeth Hancock with Beyond You Coaching (https://www.beyondyou.coach/). Liz has a BA in Psychology and is a Certified Professional Life, Spiritual and Meditation Coach (CPC and CSC). Her 25+ year personal meditation practice has blessed her with profound insight and experiential knowledge regarding the fundamental mechanics of life and how humans fit into this reality. She has traveled to the world's most remote energy sites in search of teachers, shamans, healers, masters, psychics, visionaries and guru's. She has studied vast amounts of esoteric and mystical literature as a means to understand her own energy experiences. Liz is a practicing Kriya Yogini and dedicates 3+ hours a day to her spiritual sadhana. Her specialty is in communicating complex metaphysical principles in easy-to-understand everyday language.

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