How To Consciously Create The Personality - A Metaphysical/Yogic View of self

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21040 Homestead Rd Suite 204 · Cupertino, CA

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"If you ever want to study acting you should be around an enlightened person for a while, because all they do is play roles, since they no longer have a self." - Frederick Lenz

"This word personality is very meaningful. It is derived from the Greek word persona. "Persona" means a mask. In Greek drama, the characters, the actors, will use masks to hide their faces so the real face is hidden and the masked face becomes the reality. "Personality" means a mask - that which you are not but only appear to be.....when you say that someone has a great personality it only means that he has a more flexible system.He is not a fixed man: he has a more flexible system. He can change very easily. He is a big actor." - Osho

"Tiger mask, lion mask.
Monkey mask, donkey mask.

Man mask, woman mask.
Divine. Only if you unmask." - Sadhguru

How many of you feel that your personality is fixed? Are you 'set in your ways', 'bad with money', a 'loose cannon', 'easy going', 'straight forward', or 'down to earth'?

Our likes and dislikes form the basis of our personality if left unchecked and processed unconsciously. A far more effective way to exist in the world is to be fluid aka energy transparent.

This ability to ‘ride the waves’ as they come are what the great Masters and ancient Yogi’s refer to as ‘vairagya’, which means, beyond color. When you are beyond color, or transparent, you can find yourself in any life circumstance and not be affected by it. This is because you are flexible; not rigid in your judgments or prejudices.

In this workshop we will explore who you currently are and what you are presenting and projecting to the world. We will begin with a fun exploratory exercise, delve deeper into the science of karmic impressions and personality formation and quiet our body/mind to become more 'transparent' in our everyday lives.

This is the first of many workshops offering an intense and heartfelt opportunity to develop a greater sense of self-awareness which opens you to participating in all facets of life while still maintaining your inner harmony, balance, and joy. This inner joy is not dependent on outside circumstances but is cultivated within and is ever present.

Please Bring:
- cushions for sitting on floor (if you need them), as we will be meditating during this workshop
- notepad and pen (for self inquiry work)
- comfortable clothing (for relaxed setting and to facilitate increased flow of energy)
- $10 donation is appreciated (please leave in bowl when you sign in)