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Let's Discuss "Crossing the Thinnest Line" by Lauren Leader-Chivee with K.W.
FROM THE VERY FOUNDING OF OUR NATION, diversity has been one of our greatest strengths but also the greatest source of conflict. In less than a generation, America will become "minority-majority," and the world economy, already interconnected, will be even more globalized. The stakes for how we handle this evolution couldn't be higher. Will diversity be a source of growth, prosperity, and progress-or perpetual division and strife? America has the potential to realize huge gains economically and socially by more fully capitalizing on diversity, but significant challenges remain and it's a problem that all Americans should be focused on solving. Despite tremendous progress, women and minorities still face barriers to accessing the full promise of the American dream. It doesn't have to be this way. Many of the solutions are right in front of us, and many exceptional, committed Americans are doing their part to make a difference. In the twenty-first century, nations will prosper only insofar as they embrace and celebrate the individuals, organizations, and collective efforts to advance every kind of diversity. Lauren Leader-Chivée believes America must lead the way. In CROSSING THE THINNEST LINE, she explores the state of our diverse union and shares important stories of progress and potential, highlighting those who are crossing dividing lines of race, gender, culture, and political party to build a more united and prosperous nation. Her revelations will transform the discussion and set the agenda for America's progress on these critical issues. A work of originality and ambition, CROSSING THE THINNEST LINE changes our understanding of diversity and offers lessons to change our lives and our country.

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    This book club is about stimulating important conversations on all things related to diversity and inclusion. Our picks for 2018 cover a variety of topics from white privilege, African American historical novels, being Muslim in America, LGBT and Gay Pride, unconscious biases we all have, etc. We are also including lighter reads every three months. The lighter reads will be picked by members on a rotational basis. While we are starting with books, we would also like to include discussions around movies that are important as well as attending any other cultural events that would aid to the discussion of diversity and inclusion.
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