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A group of fun loving outdoor enthusiasts who love to get together for hiking, camping, canoeing and kayaking, bicycling and other outdoor activities. We like to explore all over Missouri and Illinois and are always open to ideas.

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If I don’t go floating ima gonna pop! How about you?

Woodson K Woods State Memorial Wildlife Area

Since popping would be kind of gross lets go float instead. Also what better way to distance than in a kayak or canoe on a river. So here is the plan. We are going to do the upper Meramec river between put in at Woodson K woods and take out at Scots Ford on the Meramec for a little over 9 miles. So here is the great part. If you want to self-shuttle then both locations are State owned. If you don’t have your own kayak or canoe then just across from the take out at Scots Ford is Adventure Outdoors (AO) formally Fagen’s. The will be more than happy to rent you a kayak or canoe and drop you off at the put in. Also if you want to use your own craft but don’t want to be part of the self-shuttle they will haul your boat for a fee. However the fee to shuttle you is the same as a kayak rental. If you would like to rent then please contact Adventure Outdoors and set up your rental. http://adventureoutdoorcanoeing.com/ The elephant in the room.https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html. Yes we have the nasty virus to work around. So for the bus ride if you use AO then they absolutely request you wear an appropriate face covering for nose and mouth. For people self-shuttling please wear your face covering properly in another person’s vehicle or if others are in yours. At the put in and on the gravel bars practice social distancing. (Argh never would be to soon to hear that term again.) Please bring your own little bottle of hand sanitizer. Please do not share food and drink with each other. That part does bite but what can you do? If you are in the least bit sick please do not come, there will be other floats. Due to communication issues for the area and it being best to stay home if you wake up ill please stay home. You as a reasoning adult are responsible for your own health and any consequences from going on this trip. This is all I am going to say about it. Please just be the responsible mature adults that you are in the time of a pandemic. Self Shuttle: IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE INVOLVED IN THE SELF SHUTTLE THEN YOU AGREE TO MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE IF NEEDED TO TAKE THE PEOPLE BACK TO THEIR CAR. If you do not agree then you are still very welcome to come but please make arrangements to rent. Here is the plan for the self-shuttle. Arrive at Woodson K woods with your boat and gear. Unload your craft and gear. We need one or two to stand guard over all the gear. Drive to the take out and park your vehicle. Then we pile into as few cars as possible and go back to the put in an easy 12 min drive. This is the part where you need to wear your mask. Seriously If I end up driving back to the put in don’t even think of getting in my car with out one properly affixed. Here are suggested items to bring. Plenty of water or other hydrating beverage. Beer is not water. Snacks Lunch A good attitude. Your mask or face covering. Sunscreen. Hat. Treats for the event host. Oh wait no sharing food or drink, drats. We will be observing all rules of the river. No glass containers. No Styrofoam coolers. No bear bongs (or other type). No jello shots. No kegs. Stay tuned for updates.

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