There is Little to NO parking along the roadside so we will meet at the Fredericktown Wal-Mart parking lot and carpool from there.

This is NOT for the weak! The trek will be a Very difficult climb up a Steep, Rocky hillside, but the views (and hopefully, the waterfall, are worth the effort.

Once we get to the top of the rock outcroppings and reach the “waterfall” we will continue on up to the top of the mountain for additional exploring. I plan to leave a Geocache near the fall. I already have on placed just off the “top-of-the-mountain”.

If time allows we may go to Lower Rock Creek as well.

Trail: There is none. This is a difficult climb and walk along old roads. Elevation change is about 900 feet.
Bring: The usual; snacks, water, trekking poles or walking stick (Highly recommended)
Layers of clothing. If it is a little warm, you will be shedding them.

I am holding this to only 15. There is only parking for 3 vehicles.
I can take four additional people.