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August- Jim Benson: Real Coders Understand Their Work - Let's Talk Small Batches

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The Blurb:

Big things are hard to comprehend, they are psychologically overwhelming and operationally difficult to describe. Big things change frequently and are subject to the law of unintended consequences. Implementation of large batches have created the software industry we see today which lovingly funds projects with the largest defect rates of any industry.

If we understand what we are building and why, we build better stuff. Large scale processes isolate and alienate people from understanding the value of their work. Lean Startup is great for figuring out what to build, but not how to build it. Jim Benson will apply the wisdom of small batches to development for individuals, small teams, and organizations. To startups and established companies. To new products and maintenance work.

Using his most recent book of actual case studies, oddly enough called Beyond Agile, Jim will discuss how organizations of all sizes and shapes have applied small batch thinking to agile and non-agile teams to create truly Post-Agile software production.

Speaker Bio:

Jim Benson’s 24 years since university have seen him build light rail systems and neighborhoods as an urban planner, enterprise software and web sites for major government agencies as the co-owner of Gray Hill Solutions and, most recently, helping create better working environments for teams of all sizes as a Lean collaborative management consultant with Modus Cooperandi. The common thread throughout his history has been the community, collaboration, and problem solving.

Jim has worked with corporate, government, and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes. He helps clients create sustainable collaborative management systems. He and his company Modus Cooperandi combine Lean principles from manufacturing, Agile methodologies from software design, and the recent revolutions of cognitive psychology, as process and tool infrastructure. The key to making those tools work, however, is developing a culture that supports them.

Jim is the creator of Personal Kanban and a pioneer in the field of Lean Management. His book (co-authored by Tonianne) Personal Kanban is a global best seller and winner of the Shingo Prize in 2013. He is also a fellow in the Lean Systems Society and a 2012 winner of the Brickell Key Award.

Jim is the also the author several other books including Why Plans Fail and Beyond Agile.

He loves to eat and hates Powerpoint.
He is @ourfounder ( on Twitter