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Future Get Togethers Thanks to everyone who showed up at our last feast. As always, it was a blast, and the meal was spot on! That being said, I'd enjoy addressing what this gathering is truly about. For quite a few of you, you've heard this before, but there are some new members who may need further clarification. For starters, from my knowledge, there are only a few presenters of this information, which is the message of the Absolute Self, All That Is, or Ultimate Reality and its' direct nature. Some of the presenters are, Karl Renz, Joan Tollifson, Paul Hederrman, Tony Parsons, Robert Wolfe, and a book by, David Carse, "Perfect Brilliant Stillness". Yes, there are tons of presenters of Advaita and Nonduality, but most address how the "idea of me", (the IOM), can find a way to deal with nonduality. And this is beautiful as well, yet it gives this phantom figure called, 'me', another pathless path to travel and dwell in. The IOM will state, "Well, religion wasn't the answer, The Four Agreements gave 'me' a little relief, and Eckhart tried to teach 'me' how 'I' can stay in the Now, but I still have this unsatisfied, uneasy, restless feeling.” “Hell, let me give nonduality a try." And off it, (the IOM), goes, on another wild goose chase, paying hard earned dollars for retreats and workshops, with hopes and dreams of one day being worthy enough to ‘get it’, to be one of the special few. When the IOM, ("Idea of Me"), shows up at a gathering such as mine, where, through direct, precise pointing, the IOM is seen for what it is, it wants to bring its' personal belief system and try to make it fit within the context of the message, i.e. the ‘apparent’ finite attempting to compartmentalize the absolute infinite. And when it hears the simplicity of the message, which is just a pointing to the simplicity of Self, the IOM feels lost, bored, deflated and ready to leave at the first opportunity. To the IOM, this message is very redundant and repetitive, (because it's so damn simple). I've heard this response from the audiences of the presenters I mentioned above, as well as at my own gatherings. To the IOM, this message is quite unsatisfying, especially with the absence of purposes, goals, points, reasons or anything that involves ideas and beliefs, and steps to advance oneself, steps to get better. In fact, I would go as far to say, for any arising of an IOM, to the extent there’s an apparent ‘me’ that needs to get to a certain level, to advance oneself, a me that needs to ‘get it’ in order to finally become whole, Mark's place probably should be the last place you end up. This message will do nothing but disappoint you. But I'd lovingly send you information on all the ‘teachers’ and ‘gurus’ I'm aware of who will share, “The 10 Levels of Enlightenment”, how even you can become (more) spiritual, or, how you, the individual, can take the necessary steps to one day find and understand nonduality and finally become one with Oneness... But only when you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, of being sick and tired, and the dream body tells you it's time to rest, stop on over, while, as best you can, (temporarily) leaving your beliefs outside the door. Then relax, have a bite to eat, and be ready to effortlessly travel to the unknown. In other words, when the Absolute, The Ground of Being, gets tired of playing the game of 'forget', through, and as, one of its’ infinite appearances, (so to speak), let's dance. The cosmic irony/joke with all of this is when the searching and endless seeking ceases, and the IOM dissolves into its’ source, like a tablet of alka-seltzer in water, then, and only then, can the essence of being, which is love, joy, happiness and peace, be authentically expressed, (or so it seems). I'm going to create some ongoing dates for get togethers. If any date, or dates, works for you throughout, RSVP accordingly. I enjoy 1 on 1's, as well as several participants. If I'm not available on any scheduled date, I'll do my best to reschedule as early as possible. Mark

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Mind, (thoughts, perceptions, sensations), in its’ quest for relevancy, will go to some of the most comical lengths to prove its worthiness, its existence. On one level, Mind falls deeply in love with itself, eternally bathing in its own creation: Abstract Concepts. It depends on these concepts like a fish depends on water. Concepts are its’ lifeline, so to speak: ‘Love’, ‘hate’, ‘God’, ‘devil’, ‘me’, ‘you’, ‘us’, ‘them’, ‘spiritual’, non-spiritual’, ‘religious’, ‘atheist’, ‘soul’, ‘peace’, ‘understanding’, ‘spirit’, ‘awakening’, ‘guru’, ‘black’, ‘white’, ‘enlightened’, ‘duality’, ‘non duality’, ‘self awareness’, ‘reality’, true self’, false self’, ‘truth’, existence, non existence, and the list of concepts and ideas goes on and on. Mind will do whatever it can to actually become, (or not become), any one of its made up ideas. In other words, thought is endlessly striving to become what it already is, a concept, (seemingly).
On the other hand, thought will also try its best to annihilate itself, to get rid of its very being. Thought will have desires, and make great attempts, to quiet the mind, to get rid of ‘bad’ thoughts, or thoughts in general, to bury its “present” self in order to “become” something more. In other words, Mind is forever in a love/hate relation with itself.
But the real comedy of errors begins when thoughts, sensations and perceptions make the grand attempt to find themselves, and to ‘locate’ their creator. Oh my, take a seat and bust out the popcorn while watching this play of thought. Mind, which in and of itself is only an abstract concept and doesn’t truly exist, trying to find itself through, and as, one of its’ many made up concepts and ideas, i.e. the dog chasing its own tail, the hamster running on the wheel, the eye trying to see itself.
And then, seemingly when thought appears to get a little tired of playing the ‘find me’ game, it takes up another activity; trying to locate what’s (beyond) its very own sensations and perceptions. This is another back door attempt to give itself some sort of apparent validation by making itself an object, a point of reference, where there’s something beyond, or prior to itself. Eventually though, mind may come to the realization that it’s forever (stuck) in a world made out of itself, in and as itself, where its very own thoughts, perceptions and sensations are nothing but a dream.
And as the curtain starts to fall, and thought appears to take its final bow towards an audience made out of itself, the bright lights will eventually dim to the perception of soundless darkness, where all that’s left is all that was ever seemingly around all the while; Deep Sleep.

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