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All healing is self healing but sometimes you need a little help. Part of the purpose of this community is to give you tools and techniques to help you heal, and to help others heal. Right now it is an exciting time! It is a time most of us have been waiting for all our lives. In this coming time, many people are awakening. They are seeking the information, the knowledge that we carry. Are you ready to help them? Are you ready to help yourself?

This community is filled with truth seekers, light workers, and light bearers. We support each other by positive affirmations, holding each other in the light, and allowing each of us to grow at our own pace. We bring our talents, our skills, knowledge and abilities to the table for ourselves, for each other, for our clients and for the Earth, for Mother Gaia.

Many of us have learned great lessons in the last couple years. We have gone to the edge and have learned to fly. For some of us our next step is to learn to fly. For others it is teach others to fly. No matter which is your next step to take, join us.

We could say the fate of the world is riding on your hands. How much easier is it to share that burden with others who also share the same mission. Do you feel the intensity of Your Mission. It is time NOW! We are here to make a difference and this community will help you.

Welcome to your soul's family,


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