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Certification is for those ready to take their spiritual life and journey to the next level. Bhakti Yoga is the path of love and is personified in the Divine Feminine and Masculine forms of Radha and Krsna. To be a Bhakti Yogi is to and live a life of balance, satisfaction and fulfillment based on the principles of pure love. If you are able to:

1) Become Vegetarian
2) Live free of recreational alcohol/drug use
3) Practice daily mantra meditation

Then you are ready to not only practice Bhakti Yoga but become a Certified BHYMA Certified Bhakti Yoga Instructor and Coach.

This 10-week course will not only give you a solid foundation for your own Bhakti Yoga practice but will enable to you to confidently teach and mentor aspiring Bhakti Yogis whether in large public settings or the comfort of your own home. Transforming your own life with a practice of Bhakti Yoga, as well as becoming a BHYMA Certified Bhakti Yoga Instructor or BHYMA Certified Bhakti Yoga Coach, will be a life changing experience.

Course Specifics:

Duration: 10 Weeks
Schedule: Winter Semester (Beginning Sunday, January 21 - Sunday, April 1)
Venue: Online & On-site
Eligibility: Vegetarian and Non-alcohol/drug user
Tuition: $700 ($450 with student ID)
Payment: Via Paypal invoice

Course Comprises:

Reading and extensive writing assignments (At home)
Weekly Workshops (1:00pm Sundays)
Weekly Lectures (Online)
Weekly Tele-classes (7:00pm Thursdays)
Weekly written tests (Sundays)
Oral/Written examination (Sunday, April 1)

Subjects Covered:

Understanding Radha and Krishna
Elements of Bhakti Yoga
Understanding and Pronouncing Sanskrit Mantras
Japa Yoga and Mantra Meditation
Karma Yoga and Jnana Yoga
Understanding Anarthas
The 6 Arisha-dvargas: Lust, Anger, Greed, Delusion, Arrogance, Violence
The 4 Principles of Dharma
Developing the 7 Feminine and 4 Masculine Qualities
Dissecting Ahankara, Samskaras, and Vasanas
Gaudiya Vaisnavism
Dhyana Yoga
Understanding the 5 Bhakti Rasas
Choosing a Guru
The Art of Listening
The Art of Hosting a Satsang
Public Speaking
Principles of Effective Coaching

Advantages of Certification:

Gain an indepth knowledge of the philosophy and practices of Bhakti Yoga
Significantly improve your own development in Bhakti Yoga
Being a BHYMA Certified Bhakti Yoga Coach and Instructor you can grow your own practice
Host BHYMA Certified Bhakti Yoga Satsangs in your own home

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