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This group is created nothing more and nothing less than to practice and to be able to train Bhangra. It is to make possible the meeting of the people who enjoy this dance, of those who already know it more or less, or at least have a great interest to train to the rhythm of Bhangra. For my part I can say that I have seen places where you can go to take classes or share your time dancing. But it always seems little if you find yourself in a place that is far from that group and other classes. I am sure that more than one person here can include their proposals related to the Bhangra. Really Does not matter the Level. I want to join and join people who seek to train and learn. The two things go together. And the important thing is that if you want to join this group you are willing to have one day at least a week to train.I have some places for meetings. I would also like to share events of well-known teachers or other people, since I am creating this place so that it is possible to have information and see more opportunities to practice it.
The ideas of the participants, invitations and proposals will be welcome

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Bhangra in the park (outdoor training)

City Centre Gardens


If the weather is good, we will join and celebrate. It would be to stretch and prepare the body, make a warm up and dance every time a little more intense. We will perform steps and basic routines, creative and a small choreography. Comfortable clothes and something to drink. -I really want to meet you soon and enjoy!

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Moseley Yoga


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