Wireless Networking and nRF2401

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For the January Meeting, John has stepped in to help build a nRF2401 network and peer to peer. Thanks for the work, John. It is a tough project and not well documented. I will supply parts at $3 for each chip and about $3 for an additional Arduino clone. Since you need 2 chips and an additional personal Arduino to talk to, the cost will be about $10, Adapters for the nRF2401 chips will be available at cost.

A peer to peer wireless network is part of the group project. I'd really like if these to be part of a larger multi arduino network You will be able to read temperature and humidity remotely. These skills will probably be useful to you later to monitor your home.

Note that this meeting is on Thursday Jan 7 at 7:00.

If you respond early (next week) I will reserve parts for you. If not, I will have a few on hand.

I am planning on the February Meeting now. I plan on having Arduino Pro Minis on hand. These are great chips that I think you'll like. I hope to have these mounted on boards with breadboards, FDTI, Mini cable. and power supplies. These will cost a total of about $12 each.

As we progress, the stuff we can do will become more sophisticated. I was happy to pay for the early modules we did, but now supplying 8 people with these will cost nearly $100.

Bring your old arduinos, parts, laptops and soldering irons if you have them. The pro minis will need to be soldered I will bring a spare iron.