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The Necropolis at Anubis-Mountain: a Photographic Tour of Recent Excavations in the Tombs of Pharaohs Senwosret III, Sobekhotep IV and Senebkay

Dr. Josef Wegner

This lecture is co-hosted by ARCE-DC

In southern Egypt, beneath the sacred peak of the Anubis-Mountain at Abydos, ongoing excavations have discovered the necropolis of Pharaohs who ruled centuries before the founding of the Valley of the Kings. Established in 1850 BC by King Senwosret III, the Anubis-Mountain site includes tombs of at least 11 Pharaohs along with the remains of an entire lost Egyptian dynasty dating from 1650 to 1550 BCE.

Included in the visual exposition of this royal necropolis is the tomb of Pharaoh Senebkay, discovered in January 2014 by Josef Wegner. Studies on Senebkay’s skeleton reveal he was most likely killed in battle. The discovery of his tomb supports the existence of an independent Abydos Dynasty, contemporary with the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Dynasties during the Second Intermediate Period.

Josef Wegner is associate professor of Egyptian Archaeology in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania, and Associate Curator of the Egyptian Section of the Penn Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

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