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Come together to discuss the meaning and symbolism behind the stories in Hebrew Scripture, commonly known as the Bible. Search for and investigate alternatives to a literal interpretation of the text. What meanings are there in this bizarre, enigmatic, and influential text full of symbolism, and what does it mean???

We can make numerous cross-comparisons to the stories, symbols and figures in other mythologies, including the well known Classic myths of Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Mesopotamia as well as Hindu, Norse, Celtic, Polynesian, Meso- and Native American mythologies and many more. Did our philosophical forebearers really use myths to explain natural phenomena before science as many think, or, are there deeper meanings to decode? We can draw from the works of many authors and scholars including Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Tom Harpur and many more.

We welcome a diversity of viewpoints from people who are interested in exploring and sharing insight on mythology in ancient Hebrew and other texts.

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